On the Fly -- Partying with Harlequin

I've written a lot of 'On the Fly' posts lately. 'On Reading' and 'On Writing' posts forthcoming. Fear not. I've also been posting more 'Random Days' than I intended, but it's all due to chiming in on BEA. I apologize about not having much industry information to share with fellow writers, but, rather than attend forums, I met with my agent and publishers, vsited with a few author friends, and tooled around a bit with my husband. I only have so much energy and that's where I directed it this time around.

Saturday evening, before the big Harlequin party, Steve and I met Alex Kava and Amy Moore-Benson for drinks. Amy represents both Alex and I as well as several other authors--all quite talented I'm sure as Amy is very selective. Conversation was casual and fun. Steve and I both enjoyed meeting and chatting with Alex. She writes pyschological thrillers. Currently I'm reading A Necessary Evil. Creeeepy and intense. Let's just say I don't read it after dark.

Later the four of us walked a few blocks to a cool nightclub and were greeted with glasses of champagne by some of the friendly staff of Harlequin. Drinks and appetizers were plentiful as were the party-goers. As the night went on the club got more and more crowded. Between the music and the constant, enthusiastic chatter, the noise level was pretty intense. After awhile I resorted to reading lips!

I have to admit I was a little shy and stuck close to people I knew like Heather Graham and her family and my editor Keyren Gerlach. My former editor Abby Zidle played matchmaker with Keyren and I. She really knew what she was doing because we truly do click! Keyren told me that Dianne Moggy (Editorial Director for the Single Title program) wanted to connect with me as well as Loriana Sacilotto (Executive VP of Global Publishing and Strategy). I've met Dianne on other occasions and she was as vibrant and entertaining as ever. I had never met Loriana and I'm so glad I had the chance. Also vibrant and entertaining. Earlier Alex had introduced me to Donna Hayes (President, Publisher and CEO) and she was lovely as well. In all honesty, I have to say everyone I've met so far at Harlequin has been fabulously nice. It warms my heart greatly to know the entire company is excited about and so strongly behind ALL ABOUT EVIE and the entire series. I am one lucky girl!

I'll wrap up by saying, both Steve and I had a great evening. No gossip. No awkward incidents. Just a genuinely good time! Thank you to Harlequin for sponsoring such a fun event.

Coming soon... Signing in the Harlequin booth alongside bestselling authors. I'm so glad Keyren was with me!


barb said…
Hi, Sounds like you guys had a great time! Good days are always welcome.
charleneteglia said…
Ooo! You redecorated. Love the new look, Beth!

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