On the Fly: Speaking of Animals

I should be writing. I will be writing soon after I type this. It's Alison's fault for tipping me off to this fun site. By the way the artist who would paint my portrait is Andy Warhol. The reason given?

"You've got an interested edge that would be reflected in any portrait. You don't need any fancy paint techniques to stand out from the crowd!"

But then I saw this and had to know... What Animal was I in a Past Life?

I was.... A Cat! Well, not this cat. This cat is my cat, Sadie! But I hope I was as pretty and funny as her.

"You are an independent person who inspires others with your dreams. A calm protector, you will fight when you need to."

I love it! So what animal were you and why?


Jaynie R said…
I was a zebra which would crack my kids up because they love going to the zoo for the zebra. For some reason it always pees when we're there *sigh*

I just wanted to say gorgeous cat.
Beth Ciotta said…
Zebra's are beautiful animals and so unique! No wonder your kids love them, Jaynie. I can almost hear their giggles as the zoo zebra pees. Bodily functions always seem to tickle kids funny bones. To funny.

Oh, and Sadie say, "Thank you!"
Beth Ciotta said…
Er, that should have been 'too' funny. I can spell. Honest.
Barb said…
I would have been a wild mustang. I would have loved running in the wild with all the beatiful land and sunshine surrounding me!
Beth Ciotta said…
A wild mustang! Barb, that is so you! Love it.
Roni said…
I always thought I was a dog, since I get along great with dogs and really love them...and we've always had dogs. But according to that site, i was a toad. Not very exciting. sigh.
Beth Ciotta said…
Hey, Roni. Pssst. Come over here. Listen, don't tell anyone, but if you go back and fill in the same info I bet you come up as a different animal. You are so not a toad!
charleneteglia said…
In my past life, I was a koala. "You value living life at a slow, peaceful, meditative pace.
You give insightful advice, helping others to overcome obstacles." Hee.
Anna Lucia said…
Hey! I'd have been proud to have been a toad! You see, toads are non-violent, charming gentlemen in the amphibian world. Frogs frequently damage their females during mating, tearing them with their horny (no laughin now) pads on their fingers, or fighting over them till they drown in a ball of wrestling frogs.

Toads, on the other hand, are thoughtful, pacifist gentelmen. When one toad approaches another that has a mate, it'll tap it on the shoulder and say, "excuse me." Well, not excuse me, exactly, they go, "peep" in a soft, musical voice. Now, the bigger the toad, the deeper the voice... so the deeper the voice, the better the mate, as far as a lady toad's concerned. If the toad cutting in has a deeper voice than the toad already dancing, the toad already dancing simply steps aside, with a metaphorical doff of its cap.

No fighting, no brawling, no rough ways with the lady toad.

Perfect gentlemen.

When I was younger, and would read stories about kissing a toad to turn him into a prince, I was always a bit worried. I suspected exchanging a gentle, thoughtful toad for a stunningly handsome prince might have been a bit of a bad bargain.

I mean, imagine the jealousy? The pursuing of other women? The responsibility of being a member of the royal family?


Actually, I was a horse: You can't be fenced in - you long to run free.
You are good at overcoming obstacles and realizing your potential.

Not bad!
Beth Ciotta said…
Charli, a koala! So cute. Like you! Only I don't think of you as leading a slow life. :)

Anna, I will never think of toads in the same way. Heh. As for you animal past life--horse--makes perfect sense. Huzzah!
Cynthia said…
These were fun. Yours were right on, B! Maybe mine too.

Who Should Paint You: Salvador Dali
You're a complex, intense creature who displays many layers.
There's no way a traditional portrait could ever capture you!

You Were A Jaguar
A shapeshifter that understands the patterns of chaos.
You are powerful and move without fear in dark places.
danetteb said…
I was a lion.I have a lethal combination of strength and energy.
I have strong family ties, and close friends are like family to

How did they know ....*g*
Beth Ciotta said…
Oh my gosh, Cyndi. Yours are right on! Too weird.

Scary isn't it, Danette? *g*
flchen1 said…
Hmm... it claims "A polar bear: A bit of a loner, you enjoy introspection and solitude.
You are a fighter, and you will seek revenge on those who harm you." ;)

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