On the Fly--BEA....Hot, Hot, Hot

I'm baaaack.

And exhausted. BEA was a whirlwind. It was hot, crowded, and totally overwhelming. I had multiple commitments (meetings, booksignings, publishers dinners/parties) so it seemed like I was always had to be somewhere. Hence I was forever glancing at my watch and didn't stand in line to meet many authors because the lines were so loooooong. In the Publishers Weekly Daily it did mention that this was an extremely well attended (even more than usual) event. The Javitz convention center is massive and there were three stories teaming with publishers' booths. Wall-to-wall industry professionals. Publishers of children, YA, adult, fiction, non-fiction, erotic, art, travel, graphic (you name it) books. Hoardes of booksellers, librarians, and authors.

In additon to shoulder-to-shoulder crowds there was the heat factor. It was hot and humid in NYC this past weekend, and Friday the convention center's air conditioner was on the blink. There were pockets of cooler air every so often, but for the most part--nada. Bless the man who gave out hand-held fans featuring his book cover! It was one of the few self-promo items shoved at me that I truly appreciated! Hard to feel beautiful, comfortable and confident meeting industry professionals when you're soaked with sweat. Although everyone was in the same boat. Amazingly, cool heads prevailed. Everyone handled the stifling heat with good humor! I think that's because everyone was just so excited to be there. On a good note, Saturday the air conditioner worked a little better and by Sunday it was practically freezing (although crowds had decreased significantly by then.)

By the way, I know I had said I'd try to blog while I was there, but we didn't have wi-fi as expected. Ah, well. Now I'm home and have Internet access, but being home means back to my daily routine--limited time. I'm rushing off to work at the library just now. Stay tuned for posts relaying what I actually did at BEA. Details and name-dropping forth coming.


danetteb said…
BEA looks like it was busy and fun. Were readers allowed too?
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Danette! I believe BEA is open to anyone so long as they purchase tickets. :)

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