On the Fly -- BEA: The HQN Signing

BEA (Book Expo America) was exciting for me for multiple reasons, but nothing jazzed my senses more than signing my books for enthusiastic readers. I was the only author slotted for my time in the Medallion Press booth so I had the luxury of feeling like a star. On Sunday, my third and final day of the tradeshow, I signed in the Harlequin booth alongside Geralyn Dawson, Heather Graham, and Dee Davis. Not only was I co-starring, but I couldn't help but feel like an bit player on stage with three leading ladies as they were all far more established and famous than I. Of course no one treated me like a bit player. I was treated like all of the other authors... wonderfully.

Harlequin publishes several category lines and multiple single-title programs so the booth was very large and always a hub of activity. This particular day was on the quiet side as the show was winding down, however, the moment we starting signing the crowds formed. They formed faster and longer for the other three authors, but that was natural given their name recognition. I forced myself not to focus on their long lines. In fact, I forced myself not to even look at their lines. I refused to let the insecurity demons rise up, run wild, and ruin my special moment. I knew I would get some overflow, after all the books were free and these were avid readers. Plus, and this was really exciting, several people mentioned they had read me before or that they had heard about ALL ABOUT EVIE and couldn't wait to read it. Woo-hoo!

For anyone wondering what my editor looks like, that's Keyren (Gerlach) standing to my left/your right! Steve snapped quite a few pictures. Looking through them, I noted that I looked like a goof-ball in several. He said I was a goof-ball, period, claiming it was hard to get a decent shot because I'm so animated. And this is a bad thing? I was jazzed. I was happy. I genuinely enjoy talking to people. My happy-peppy editor stood beside me almost the entire time helping me with books and lending general support. When she had to step away for a few moments, executive editor, Tracy Farrell stepped in and Tracy was equally wonderful.
To show I'm not mortified by my goof-ball status. Here are two animated moments. Left is me saying something to Keyren (who you can't see) about how almost every single reader commented on my 'pink' pen. We decided we need to do something promotional with a colored pen. I'm thinking 'purple' as that's Evie's color of choice, although I'm a 'pink' gal and pink ink sure looked pretty with the pink and red cover. I know. I ponder the strangest things.

Lastly... well, I don't know what the heck I was reacting to here, but that's Tracy Farrell on my left/your right. She was simply impressed that I had a supply of my own pens, period. I brought three total. That's me. Anal.
If you think I look animated here, you should have seen me when Keyren announced that we were 'sold out'. Maybe I didn't have a long line of eager readers, but I certainly had a steady flow of eager readers. Enough so that I 'sold out'! Thank you readers and thank you Harlequin. What a way to end BEA!
Stay tuned this week for a special annoucement and giveaway pertaining to my upcoming western.... ROMANCING THE WEST!


Larissa Ione said…
Okay, it's obviously been a while since I've visited...but I love the new look!!!!!

And looks like you had a great time at BEA! I'm jealous! :)

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