On the Fly--BEA ... Day 2

Still sharing some of my BEA adentures, though I'll be (trying ) to keep my posts short as time is short. And you've got limited time as well , right? Seems like most everyone I know is crunched these days. I'm back to writing down every single thing I need to accomplish on a long TO DO list and then attacking and crossing off. Of the fifteen major things I listed two days ago, I've crossed of eleven! Of course I just added two more.

Where was I?
Ah. BEA. Day two. Saturday. Um, honestly... at this point, it's a bit of a blur. But I know I was busy. I know there were crowds of people eeking their way down the crammed aisles. I know it was hot but not as hot as the day before and that the lines for the well-known authors were still long. I know I saw people walking around with a cool Harry Potter tote bag. I asked someone where they got it and they said the Scholastic booth. I zipped down lickety-split... and saw that there were no bags left. I remember the note of desperation in my voice as I said to the representative, "But you don't understand, my boss at the library is a Harry Potter FANATIC!" Amazingly, she did not say, "Her and a billion other people." Instead, she smiled kindly and told me there would be another supply Sunday morning at 9am. "Come early," she said. "They go fast." I thought, but did not say, "Naturally." And by the way, I made it there Sunday at 9:10am, scored, and--from my boss's over-the-moon reaction--made her year. Thank you, Scholastic.

Where was I?

Ah. A booksigning! I had a booksigning on Saturday from 1pm-2pm in the Medallion Press booth. A well publicized event since MP took out a huge ad for me and my featured book in the Publishers Weekly Daily, the magazine put out 'daily' at BEA by PW. It was big and beautiful and on page TWO! Although ROMANCING THE WEST is now scheduled as an October release, MP rushed their printer and had plenty of copies on hand. A major bonus for me as far as advance publicity. Throughout the event RTW made it into the hands of several booksellers and librarians. Word of mouth/pre-buzz is priceless.

The signing itself was very well attended. A special thank you to friends who stopped by! Mostly though, I met a lot of new people. Booksellers and librarians. Women and men. Several who had read my books before and who made me feel like a million bucks with their enthusiastic and kind praise. It's so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind of writing, to live in a bubble of neurosis. It was inspiring to be reminded that people are actually reading the stories of my heart and very inspiring to know they want more!

Alongside and cheering me on in the MP booth were the MP dynamos--Helen, James, Ali, Adam, Jim, Deborah, Gloria, Kirk, and kick-butt MP author Dolores Wilson. I'd share a picture of all of them but, I forgot to ask Steve to take a group shot! I was buzzing on a reader/author high and the brain short-circuited. I think someone else took one though. If I can track it down, I'll share. In the meantime, just picks of shallow-me signing copies of a true book of my heart--ROMANCING THE WEST.
Thank you, Medallion Press!
Next up, at some point, Saturday night's festivities. Cocktails with author Alex Kava and our mutual agent, Amy Moore-Benson and the Harlequin party!


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