Typically, Untypical

Typically, I don't think my typical day is all that interesting since semi-retiring from the entertainment industry. Let me amend... It's interesting to me (I adore working at the library and coming home to write my own stories), but it's not (typically) scintillating blog material. It's pretty routine. Even Cheyenne--my dog who has 'issues'--has settled into a more ordinary mode. She hasn't destroyed anything (like a book contract) in months.

Back to my life. You don't see the crazy stuff from behind the circulation desk that you see from on stage. Not that I'm complaining. In fact, I'm digging on this more ordinary life. It very much suits me just now. That said, a few untypical things happened yesterday. Definately bloggable.

When I went into work, my boss handed me an application. Now that I'm going full-time, she wants me to go for a promotion. First I have to send in the application, then I have to pass the test (A test?? *shudder*). If all goes well I will have the new title of Senior Library Assistant. Along with that title comes an increase in pay, which is always welcome. Mostly I was flattered that my boss thought me up to the task.

After work I shifted into author mode and drove out to my local Borders. I had called the day before and spoken to the general manager. I introduced myself, mentioned my latest book was on their 'new release' table and asked if they permitted authors to sign stock. Note: I had stopped in on the fly that past weekend hoping to do a 'drive-by' signing and was told I had to call and speak with the GM (who was not there) first.

When I did call, he was quite nice and said, "Just let me know when you're coming and I'll inform my staff and we'll have the books ready."

We agreed on the next evening. It wasn't until after I hung up that I realized he hadn't asked the spelling of my name (it's not like I said, Hi, this is Nora Roberts *g*) nor the name of my book. Therefore, I fully expected to walk in and have the staff say... Who are you? And why are you here?

Which is exactly what happened.

However, the bookseller I dealt with was very kind and helpful and since I had spoken with the GM (who was not there), he tracked down all of my books and the Borders 'Autographed' stickers to put on the cover. He apologized because he could only find three books. "All the others sold already." He also informed me that, of the 30 bookmarks I'd left over the weekend, only one was left.

As you can imagine, this was all thrilling news to me. I happily signed the remaining books then tooled over to the Borders Express in the mall. I'd called ahead to set up a booksigning for the end of the month, so I wanted to take in some flyers for them to hang as advance promo. While there, I signed stock and chatted with the bookseller, picking her brain about how the ordering procedure works with Borders. Once you sell out (positive thinking), do they automatically re-order your book? She was quite informative and I learned a lot, not only about the ordering process, but booksigning protocol, and advertising (pertaining strictly to Borders). Things I didn't know before.

Writers if you ever get the chance to chat with a bookseller about procedure, please do. The process is not universal. Chains and Independants differ.

While I was out that way, I stopped at Wal-Mart to see if ALL ABOUT EVIE had made it there. My heart thumped with anticipation. I cautioned myself not to break out in a happy dance if it was. Afterall, I'm a professional. *g*

As it happened Evie wasn't there. I told myself that's because she'd already sold out. Ah, the power of positive thinking.

I then zipped over to the mop and broom section, per my husband's request. How is this blog worthy, you ask? Because it is untypical for me get off the island these days, let alone shop for mops! I scanned the products looking for a 'Swiffy'. All I saw was O' Cedar. Or something like that. I phoned Steve. "Swiffer", he said.


"And remember, I said it was in a box."


I located the 'Swiffer' and put it in the cart along with a box of 'Swiffer' replacement thingees and a bottle of 'Swiffer' cleaning liquid stuff. I dunno. I was fine with an old-fashioned sponge mop on a wooden stick and a bucket filled with water and Mr. Clean. Suffice it to say, I will leave it to Steve to put together the Swiffer.

That pretty much ended my untypical day. Today it's back to the ordinary. I think. The day is still young.

When was your last untypical day? What did you do?


Jordan Summers said…
According to Gennita Low, Walmart and Target just inacted a new rule as of April 2007 that states they will only carry best-sellers. This means everyone else is out of luck. So unless readers start complaining to Target and Walmart's corporate headquarters, this new rule will stand. :( All mid-list authors are taking a HUGE hit because of this change.
Beth Ciotta said…
Wow. I hadn't heard that, Jordan. Thank you for the update. I did see HQN books there with the same release date as mine, but they were absolutely NYT bestsellers. Ah, well. Talk about inspiration to become a bestseller (she says, trying to think positive).

Although, you know, readers may just raise a rukus. Lots of avid readers count on those discounted books.
Jennifer Elbaum said…
I just had a string of untypical days while I was in Atlantic City.

While there:

1) A woman called my cell phone and said, "Jennifer this is your mother." but she wasn't MY mother which I had a devil of a time explaining to her after she'd said, "Jennifer?" and I said "Yes".

2) While walking on the boardwalk, a klutzy seagull flew into the brim of my baseball cap and knocked my hat off -- much to the amusement of everyone who saw it. I was red-faced.

3) While reading "All About Evie" in the lobby of the hotel I laughed out loud, which caused a passerby to eye me suspiciously. She then was sure to give me a wide berth. Red-faced again!

4) I met the nicest author...at least I thought she was nice but then she ended up being mean!
Beth Ciotta said…
Jen, you didn't tell me about the klutzy seagull! What a hoot. And that last part... I am nice. I swear! Teasing you about Evie's second adventure and what happens with Milo... well, okay. That was sort of mean. But really I'm nice. Really!

Thank you again for the loveley visit and the ymmy cappucino. :-)
Jennifer Elbaum said…
I enjoyed our visit too! You're nice. Really!

I'm seriously crushing on Milo! Can't wait to read the next adventure!
Anna Lucia said…
I think all my days are untypical.... yesterday I took the day off, went to a job interview, then drove a four hour round trip to a big shopping centre (mall) to try and find an outfit for an important occasion.

And failed. Argh!
Gabriele C. said…
Atypical? Well, my father asked me to accompany him buying some clothes because he trusts my taste. Not only did we both end up with lots of shiny new thigies - he even bought more than I. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Jen, the plot thickens for Milo (and everyone) in book two. EVERYBODY LOVES EVIE hits shelves 3/08.

Anna, good luck with that job interview!! Wish you would have had better luck with that shopping trip. Ack!
Beth Ciotta said…
Gabriele, a shopping trip with Dad--what fun! And what a hoot that he ended up making the most purchases. And they say we women love to shop. ;)

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