On Writing: The (possible) Demise of Blogs

The always informative and lovely Kelly Parra recently blogged about the demise of several industry blogs. She noted several authors are blogging less, too. *raising hand* Guilty, sista!

Kelly wrote: "I've felt the pressure to blog, especially if I've already blogged about a writing topic. It's difficult to come up with something fresh."

Anne Frasier commented: "personally, blogging almost killed me and i still haven't recovered. :D i don't know if blogs are over, but i think the frantic level of daily blogging is done. i think the very thing that made blogs so appealing -- the immediacy -- is also what made them hard to sustain. people burned out -- both blog writers and blog readers.in ten years people will be saying: "Remember blogs?""

I agree with Kelly. The challenge of blogging frequently isn't just a time issue. It's the challenge of coming up with something fresh. I've been blogging for three years now and, until very recently, almost daily. As far as observations and advice on 'the world of writing' I'm pretty tapped out. As far as 'life' observances, I'll let you know when I get one. Heh.

I also agree with Anne. I'm burnt. There. I said it. My time is more limited than ever. I only have so much creative energy and I'm pouring it into my books. I don't intend to give up blogging altogether, but I do believe I'll stick with my new schedule of only posting twice a week. Giving myself permission not to blog daily has eased some pressure from my life. It also frees up time to read. Novels. Not, blogs. Yup. I've also cut down on my blog reading. I get the feeling I'm not the only one, making Anne's 'remember blogs?' statement all the more intriging.

What do you think? Are you posting less these days? Blog-hopping less? What do you hope for when you visit a blog? Is there something 'new' that's captured your interest and time? Podcasts? You Tube? MySpace?

In your world... What's hot? What's not?


I'm blogging less and blogghopping less--and my site statistics reflect it! Hard to get the right balance.
Beth Ciotta said…
My blog stats are very low, Toni. But I'm not taking it personally. The are a zillion blogs out there. I don't snark or highlight flame wars so this blog lacks the rubber-necking train wreck allure. I'm not a big name. I don't generally offer lessons on craft as my process is wacky and not one I'd recommend. LOL Also, I generally read other blogs for pleasure or education and rarely leave comments --which encourages others to reciprocate.

This blog is what it is--a reflection of me. A glimpse into my life. Readers and friends who want to visit will. (And I thank you!!) Sales numbers are enough to worry about. Hence I try not to fret about blog stats. :)
Kelly Parra said…
I'm blogging less, but still reading the industry blogs. It's tough to give it up cold turkey! :)
Kelly said…
I am definitely posting less (It has been several months) to my blog, but that is mostly because of my involvement on a couple of other blogs that is taking up my current blogging time. I still try my best to read as many blogs as a I can, but the reason I read them depends on the type of blogs they are.

I read author blogs to stay on top of new releases and forthcoming titles. I read reader blogs for insight into genres I don't normally read as well as book recommendations for my TBR pile. I read an ungodly number of blogs in the library field to help me with my job. I get some of the best ideas to steal for my library from other librarians. :-)
Jordan Summers said…
I'm not blog hopping less, but I'm definitely posting less. I just don't have much to say and I'm up to my eyeballs in work. It'll be this way for at least the next few months.
Beth Ciotta said…
True, Kelly P. Very tough to give up cold turkey. I don't check industry blogs every day... but I do swing by at least twice a week. Naturally, one wants to stay informed of the biz. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Waving to Library Diva--Kelly! Hey, woman. ;) You may not being updating your personal blog, but you are certainly busy blogging in other places--as you said. Just read one of you posts earlier this moning, btw. :)

Appreciate your sharing what blogs you do read and why. Enlightening!
Beth Ciotta said…
"I just don't have much to say and I'm up to my eyeballs in work."

Ditto, Jordan. Ditto. :)
Gabriele C. said…
I'm commenting less, and I tend to skip the academic blogs on my list with their looong essays that require you to concentrate.

I've always posted only 2-3 times a week on average, so I don't feel it is a stress. If I'm not up to some longish post about an obscure historical battle, I'll post a meme or a pic with just a short explanation. And Fridays are nicely covered by the Friday Snippets now.
Beth Ciotta said…
Length of the posts. Good point, Gabriele. Sometimes when I get into one of my rambles here, I do wonder if people get bored or feel rushed to move on, mid-way through. "Write tight," I tell myself... although it doesn't always take. LOL

I know if I'm crunched for time when I'm blog-hopping, I sometimes skip a longer post, opting to come back when I have more time. Pics with quotes... always enjoy those!
Anna Lucia said…
I think blogs are here today, but we've seen the peak of the hype-curve. I'm posting about the same, but participating less.

With all new things, there's a rush to immerse ourselves in them, then things settle down. I do feel the pressure to blog, and once in a while I could do with a blog-holiday! But I like chatting to people that way, and I'd like to keep up with it.

MySpace, UTube and the like I can happily leave well alone. To me, they look awful, are hard to relate to, and are utterly meaningless... ;-) But that's just my freakish opinion.
Anna Lucia said…
That should be "blogs are here TO STAY" not today.

Brain fade. And I've only been up half an hour!
charleneteglia said…
I don't visit tons of blogs, but I find it a quick, easy way to check up on what's new with my writer friends!

I started blogging in 04, and I still find it pretty easy to post. I blog about what I'm reading, what movie I watched, what I'm working on, business news, post photos of the Olympic Peninsula. I haven't run out of stuff to blather about. *g*
Ken Levine said…
I'm still blogging about the same. Mostly it's fun. What I try to do is have some general posts in the bank for those days I don't feel particularly inspired. And since weekend traffic is lower and I now have 18 months of archives I will re-post something from over a year ago when I had much fewer readers or toss in a fun YouTube. So generally I try to post something every day but the new stuff only five days.

I keep waiting to burn out. I figured it would have happened by now.
Bethany said…
I'm blogging less. Commenting less. And well, as of late, (unfortunately), writing less. But hey, that last one is going to change this weekend. DEDICATED writing time. It feels like I've never had that!

p.s. Notice I said less for all of the above. But I still stop here Beth! :-)
Sports Picks said…
I don't visit tons of blogs, but I find it a quick, easy way to check up on what's new with my writer friends!

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