On the Fly: New Cover!

The first week of my new blogging schedule... and I stuck to it! Amazing. A Monday and Thursday post. Period. Although it felt strange not to attempt a blog a day, it did free up the extra time I needed for my WIP. Speaking of my work in progress, I'm currently writing the western that will be out in 2008. The sequel to ROMANCING THE WEST which comes out this fall.

Yesterday, I received news from Adam Mock, Vice President /Creative Director for Medallion Press, that my cover for said WIP/2008 release was complete. Adam has designed all of my MP covers and he always does an amazing job, brilliantly reflecting my story through his art. He scores another winner with this one. I'm thrilled! Thus, even though this book won't be coming out for quite some time, I'm utilizing a Random Day to share my cover (and blurb) for THE FALL OF ROME. Yee-haw! Have a great weekend, folks!

* * *
They gamble their lives with reckless abandon, but are they brave enough to bet on love?

Famous for bending the law to get his man, former Wells Fargo detective, Rome Garrett signs on with the Peacemaker Alliance, a covert government agency intent on taming the west. Unfortunately, his first assignment involves teaming up with the only woman who ever broke his heart in order to entrap a cold-blooded killer. Bringing down Bulls-eye Brady would restore Rome’s tarnished career. As a personal bonus he vows to show his old flame how it feels to love and lose, vanquishing the beautiful hellcat from his dreams once and for all.
Retired cardsharp, Kat Simmons, has been in hiding for six years. Now she’s being asked to risk her hard won obscurity by baiting the very man she fears. Not only that, the plan involves spending intimate time with Rome, the only man she ever truly loved. Readopting her flamboyant persona, Kat joins Rome on a whirlwind poker tournament tour, gaining notoriety as they clean up at the tables. When word gets out that Kat Simmons is back on the circuit, with any luck, Bulls-eye Brady will show up to reclaim the woman who “got away”. Meanwhile Kat and Rome grapple with rekindled passion, past betrayals, and a secret that could prove their doom.


FeyRhi said…
Absolutly gorgerous Beth!! Adam is truly a cover god. *G* Such a tease though knowing that we have to wait almost an entire year!!
Oh and BTW I saw Evie in WalMart up here!! only 1 left on the shelf too so I moved it up to eye level LOL
Jennifer Elbaum said…
Great cover! Sounds like it'll be an amazing book!
Beth Ciotta said…
Glad you like the cover, FeyRhi. Yes, Adam IS a wonder! And yes, I'm a tease. ;) Thank you for the Wal-Mart report. Didn't think I'd made it in there. That's a shock and a thrill. Wow. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks, Jen. I know I always say this, but I think this one is going to be special. LOL
elsiehogarth said…
Woohoo Beth! Great excerpt and cover. Adam does a wonderful work on your covers. Now the wait!!!
Anna Lucia said…
Okay, I love your western covers, but this one actually gave me shivers! Gorgeous, Beth! I can't wait to read the fall release, and then this one!
Beth Ciotta said…
Elsie and Anna, thrilled you like the cover. Amazing how the publishing business works so far ahead of time. I keep reminding myself ROMANCING THE WEST comes out FIRST! Then this one. :)
HelenKay said…
Very cool! I love the look and the fact your Medallion covers have a consistency about them. Very good branding.
danetteb said…
Sweet Cover Beth! Look forward to reading it.

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