On the Fly: A Booksigning!

It's a holiday weekend and most probably if you are down at the shore (Garden State slang for visiting southern seaside Jersey) then you are hanging at the beach or strolling the boardwalk or gambling in the casinos.

BUT if you get bored or if it rains, there is always the local mall. Well, not so local. It's about a thirty minute drive inland. But it's worth it because--BONUS--I'll be signing ALL ABOUT EVIE at the Borders Express. *g* I'll be there this Sunday, May 27 from 1pm until 4pm. Consider me a midday break. You could use a good beach read, couldn't you? Here's the address.

Borders Express
4403 Black Horse Pike
The Mall at Hamilton Center
Mays Landing, NJ 08330
Phone: 609.484.9277

I'll be the perky brunette with the big smile. The one willing to chat about her book, the weather, or any number of various topics.

Questions I am prepared to answer:

*Where's the bathroom?
*Where's the food court?
*Do you work here?
*Do you have that book 'The Secret'?
*When's the next Harry Potter book coming out?
*You wrote this book?
*I have an idea for a story. Would you like to write it?
*Where's the bathroom?
*That's a cute cover. How do I get published?
*That's a silly cover. How do I get published?
*Is this appropriate for my teenage daughter?
*Is this one of those trashy novels?
*Where's the bathroom?

And two faves...
*What's your book about?
*Will you sign it for me?

Seriously, (although I will seriously get most or all of those questions.), I would love it if you came by and chatted with me a bit. I won't do a hard-sell. Promise. Although, if you do want to purchase a copy of ALL ABOUT EVIE, I'd be pleased as punch--as they say... somewhere. *g*

Wherever you are, whatever you do, have a fabulous holiday weekend!


Nancy Henderson said…
Here's some more:

1. So you do this for a living now? Huh!
2. Is there sex in this book?
3. I'd get this but my husband would kill me. He said I couldn't buy any more trash books.

LOL! Sorry...but some of these comments/questions we get kill me! LOL!
elsiehogarth said…
Beth, when you visit us, we'll make sure NO ONE, asks you any of those questions. Well, at least your "Personal stalker" will handle that situation with one of her "laser glares".
Jennifer Elbaum said…
Hope you had a great time Beth.

All About Evie is definitely a great beach read (or pretty much anywhere read!)
Beth Ciotta said…
Good ones, Nancy! :-) I must say, I was SHOCKED not to get the 'bathroom' question in the whole three hours I was there. Although I did get "Where's the pet store?" That was a new one. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Elsie, I cannot WAIT to meet with your readers group who ALWAYS ask great questions BTW. Besides, like you say, they HAVE to behave themselves what with my personal stalker (your sister LOL) looking out for me. Be afraid. Be very afraid. :-)
Beth Ciotta said…
Jen, as it turned out, people preferred partying on the beach to chatting with me. LOL Still, those that did drop by were very nice. Plus, since I was at the mall (a rarity for me), I did come home with two cool new skirts. And a couple of belts. Oh, and two t-shirts. Oops. :)
Jennifer Elbaum said…
Unfortunately you ran into the best Memorial Day Weekend weather in a long time. Good for you for turning it into a positive experience with your shopping spree! :-)

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