Life As I'm Living It

Week two of working fulltime while writing fulltime and about all I can say is... it's going. Not good. Not bad. Just... going. I'm hanging in, not progressing on the WIP as fast as I'd like, but not pulling my hair out either. I've received a few emails this week from readers who raved about ALL ABOUT EVIE as well as previous titles and I have to tell you... happy readers are all the inspiration I need to keep on keepin' on. It's not about someone telling me 'I'm wonderful'. It's about someone letting me know how 'wonderful they felt' after reading one of my stories.

Long ago, someone asked me why I thought I was put on this earth and I replied, "To make people happy." I guess I still feel that way. It's not like I don't get anything out of it. Giving others joy, brings me joy. So although life took a detour career-wise, I guess I'm still on track!

Tomorrow I leave for New York City where I'll be in author mode all weekend. I'm attending Book Expo America. BEA is huge and overwhelming and attended by just about any publisher you can think of. There will be a gazillion authors, booksellers, librarians and other various industry professionals. There will be autographing sessions and invitation only parties. I'll be signing in the Medallion Press booth on Saturday and the Harlequin booth on Sunday. I'll be meeting with my agent. I'll be dining and dancing at my publishers' parties. I'll be ... in heaven. I'm especially excited because it's the first major publishing event that my husband has been free to travel along. As an avid reader, I'm sure he'll be in heaven too. Plus, we just love NYC.

My laptop will be coming with and we get free wireless in the hotel (woo-hoo!) so I'll try to blog some highlights while I'm there. One of the challenges at BEA will be deciding which author's books I want to stand in mega long lines for. Several of my faves are scheduled for signings. Click here and check out the autographing schedule. Note: There are two places to click after you get to this main autographing page. The traditional autographing and the ticketed autographing. Be sure to scan both and tell me... Who would you line up to meet?


Jennifer Elbaum said…
Wow, what a list to choose from!

I would go for:

S.E. Hinton -- Loved The Outsiders, etc when I was a kid

I'd be all fan-girl with: Lee Child, Jeffrey Deaver, James Patterson

And I'd get Alan Alda's autograph just so I could send it to my mom!

Hope you and your hubby have a blast!
Kelly said…
Talk about a Sophie's Choice moment! There are too many authors to choose from, but here are the ones I would try to meet:

Holly Black
Judy Blume
Libba Bray
Ally Carter
Rachel Cohn
Sharon Creech
Melissa de la Cruz
Tim Gunn
S.E. Hinton
Gail Carson Levine
Gregory Maguire
Melissa Marr
Megan McCafferty
Carly Phillips
Deanna Raybourn
Jerry Spinelli

If I could only pick one, however, I would ahve to go with Deanna Raybourn. I recently read her firt book, Silent in the Grave, and it was one of the best Historical Mysteries I have ever read. She is going to be signing copies of the ARC for the sequel (Silent in the Sanctuary) at BEA, and I would kill to have one. Okay, maybe not kill. But I would be willing to do some sort of Fear Factor type stunt for one. :-)

I went to BookExpo when it was in Chicago a few years ago, and I am dying for it to come back here again. I'm going to try to save my pennies for both RT and BookExpo next year. Have fun!

Kelly, who doesn't get to go to BookExpo but plans on using that time to write something lovely about how much she loved All About Evie for you. :-)
elsiehogarth said…
Beth, tomorrow Laurie and I might be attending BEA. Her husband will be going to the Javits Center, today, to get the tickets since he's a new VP for McGraw Hill. Hope we can see you around!!!
Constance said…
I'd have to go with
Joyce Carol Oates
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Deepak Chopra
from the list, but I'd really rather meet Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum - the Unshelved guys!
Beth Ciotta said…
Oooh! I loved reading our picks, gang! Awesome.

Jen, I was thinking the same thing about Alan Alda. ;)

Kelly, If I get there early enough for her signing, I'll try to snag you that Rayburn ARC. God forbid you pull a fear dactor stunt! (oh, and I'm glad you liked Evie!!)

Elsie!!!!!!!!!! I'll keep an eye peeled for you and Laurie.

Constance, classy picks! :)

I'm almost packed. ALMOST. Heading up early tomorrow. Check back for updates!

:) me
Roni said…
The links weren't working for me, so I couldn't see the list. But I'd stand in line for you ;). Also, I'd stand in line for the incredibly talented Heather Graham. I've met her at RWA and she is a very gracious lady. Have fun Beth! (Who are the dogs and cat staying with?)

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