I Am Blessed

Day 2 of Evie being out and about in the world. I'm trying not to obsess on if people are buying this book but even more so on wondering if they are enjoying the read. Because that's where my passion is rooted... in entertaining people.

A couple of personal stories... My husband is reading ALL ABOUT EVIE. He is an avid reader, but not of the romance genre, so this is a big deal to me. He is also very honest. So when he told me he's enjoying the story, that he likes my humor, that he's intrigued by the plot... I've been floating all week.

Last night my sister Barb called. She'd just returned from her local Borders where she'd snatched up two copies of Evie from the new release table. I love her for her enthusiasm and lots of other stuff of course). She told me she'd been home (where we grew up in Indiana) over the weekend and that she saw my brother, Bobby. He was waving around the copy of ALL ABOUT EVIE that he had bought, teasing my mom and sisters that he had it before them. Barb said he was so proud. I have to say that brought tears to my eyes. There are seven siblings. My brother is the only boy. He doesn't read romance, but he bought my book just because he was proud of me. *sniffle* Thank you, Bobby.

Yesterday, I spent the entire day working at the library. A normal work day--so it seemed sort of unreal that it was my book release day. A patron asked me what I was doing there... why wasn't I out celebrating? I told her I was happy dancing in my heart. She left and then returned a couple of hours later... with a copy of ALL ABOUT EVIE! She drove all the way out to Borders (a 60 minutes round trip), bought a copy and then brought it back for me to sign. She said she wanted to make my 'opening day' special. Is that the sweetest gesture EVER or what?
I shared this story in one of my comments yesterday, but I just had to repeat it here. Thank you, Jo Ann!

Lastly (but certainly not least) thank you to friends and readers who have emailed or relayed in person, telling me that they saw Evie at Barnes and Noble (face out) and at Borders (on the new release table), knowing that special placement would bring me special joy. Thank you for your kindness, support and enthusiasm.

I promise to relay some of my experiences and observations regarding the Romantic Times Convention in the coming days. Currently, my heart is full of Evie and my head is spinning with my WIP. I just wanted to let everyone know how much your support means to me. I am blessed!


Mary Stella said…
Awww, Beth, those stories are so sweet, they make me sniffle, too. Congratulations, my friend.
chryscat said…

How marvelous!!! You must be thrilled. Definitely wonderful memories to mark such a lovely event.
Now I'll be waiting for RT stories.
Tori Lennox said…
Oh, I love those stories, Beth!
Raida said…
Hi Beth,

I just finished reading All About Evie...in one sitting! That alone tells you one thing - I loved this book!
You're an excellent novelist and as an aspiring writer myself you certainly offer me motivation. Thank you.

Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks, Mary. I was quite touched by their thoughtfulness. :)

Hi, Chrys (with the cool new book cover)! I AM thrilled. As for RT... stories forthcoming as soon as my brain clears.

Thanks, Tori!! :-)
Beth Ciotta said…
Hello, Pamela! How kind of you to write and make my day. Woo-hoo! I'm so thrilled that you enjoyed ALL ABOUT EVIE. And I am especially pleased that I provided a bit of motivation/inspiration. Now go and write your heart out!
danetteb said…
Awww,I'm so happy for you,you got me all teary eyed reading your post.
Hugs, Danette
Roni said…
I went to my local B&N and got Evie this morning! The books are face out and hard-to-miss! Congratulations Beth!
barb said…
Okay-I admit to being a cryer, but it's nice when it is happy tears. I cried that Bobby touched you and I cried because of Joann. She proves that there are still wonderful and thoughtful people in the world. Oh, and I cry because I am proud and excited for you!
Roni said…
Ok, I admit it. I ditched the rather confuasing paranormal I was reading and curled up with Evie tonight.
I'm not a fast reader, but I am eagerly turning pages! I can already tell I am REALLY going to njoy this book.
Anna Lucia said…
Ah, Beth, congratulations on your release, and on being blessed by wonderful friends and acquaintances. That lovely lady from the library just takes the biscuit.

Beth Ciotta said…
Hi, Danette! I'll be hopping over for a blog visit on Friday. It is Friday, right?

Barb, I'm a cryer too. So is Brenda. What I mean, we get choked up easily in sentimental circumstances. Must run in the family. :) Funny you should mention that Jo Ann's action proves there are still wonderful, toughtful people in the world. I had that EXACT same thought.
Beth Ciotta said…
Roni, I'm so glad you're enjoying Evie! And thank you for the report on store placement. Face-out is a major bonus. I'm fortunate and really, really happy!

Hi, Anna. Yes, indeed I am blessed. Thank you for the shout out from across 'the pond'. :)

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