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It’s always nice when someone writes and asks if they can feature you and your book in some way. The Library Diva (Kelly) contacted me about participating in the 52 Books, 52 Weeks program sponsored by the Bensonville Community Public Library. Authors featured in past weeks in include Jodi Picoult, Jonathan Kellerman, Susan Elizabeth Phillips and many more… so it’s really quite the honor. My feature runs today. Click here to read. Thank you, Kelly!

Reader and romance enthusiast, Danette has created a unique blog where she highlights authors and their books with her Fantastic Fives. It’s a fun way to get to know authors better. My Fantastic Five is scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday). Please do visit and while you're there scroll down for more author features. Thank you, Danette!

Meanwhile, here are a few pics from the RT Convention (compliments of Mary.)

(L) Performing at Heather Graham's Vampires in the Wild West Ball. I played Calmity Jane. I'm the short one in the bloomers and red corset. *g* Picture left to right... Authors, Heather Graham, me, Harley Jane Kozak, Alexandra Sokoloff, and last but not least, Heather's youngest dauhter Chynna! Be sure to visit Mary's blog. She posted a great story and a shot that includes her!
(R) On Saturday night I co-hosted the Mr. Romance Competition, sponsored by Dorchestor Publishing. The winner, Jason Santiago (not pictured here) will pose for a cover of a Dorchestor novel. The gentleman pictured here did not win, but he did charm this audience member (and the entire room!) in the Q and A portion of the show.

(L) Me in author mode at the giant bookfair earlier that day. Do I look tired? I was exhausted. This was the fifth day into the convention for me. Between workshops, rehearsals, parties, and performances, I didn't get much sleep. However, I had an amazing time, and I adored meeting all the booksellers and readers who stopped by the bookfair to chat. A special shout out to everyone who purchased ALL ABOUT EVIE, LASSO THE MOON, and SEDUCED. Thank you!!


Kelly Parra said…
Sounds like it was tiring, but a blast, Beth! Love seeing the pics. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
RT is always a blast, Kelly. :-) Glad you enjoyed the pics!
Roni said…
For some reason (probably my computer) I wasn't able to post yesterday. What I wanted to say was, don't worry if you can't blog every day, Beth. Your fans understand...we want you to spend time writing the next book! (and the next, and next, etc). RT looks like a blast! I was seriously considering going next year, especially since it's in Pittsburgh--not so far away. But it's during Passover! (Who planned it that way anyway? Didn't they look at a calendar? Grrr...we have a lot of family over then. Sigh).
Mary Stella said…
Loved your profile at 52 weeks and your Fantastic Five, B!

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