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Life As I'm Living It

Week two of working fulltime while writing fulltime and about all I can say is... it's going. Not good. Not bad. Just... going. I'm hanging in, not progressing on the WIP as fast as I'd like, but not pulling my hair out either. I've received a few emails this week from readers who raved about ALL ABOUT EVIE as well as previous titles and I have to tell you... happy readers are all the inspiration I need to keep on keepin' on. It's not about someone telling me 'I'm wonderful'. It's about someone letting me know how 'wonderful they felt' after reading one of my stories.

Long ago, someone asked me why I thought I was put on this earth and I replied, "To make people happy." I guess I still feel that way. It's not like I don't get anything out of it. Giving others joy, brings me joy. So although life took a detour career-wise, I guess I'm still on track!

Tomorrow I leave for New York City where I'll be in author mode a…

Remember the Fallen


On the Fly: A Booksigning!

It's a holiday weekend and most probably if you are down at the shore (Garden State slang for visiting southern seaside Jersey) then you are hanging at the beach or strolling the boardwalk or gambling in the casinos.

BUT if you get bored or if it rains, there is always the local mall. Well, not so local. It's about a thirty minute drive inland. But it's worth it because--BONUS--I'll be signing ALL ABOUT EVIE at the Borders Express. *g* I'll be there this Sunday, May 27 from 1pm until 4pm. Consider me a midday break. You could use a good beach read, couldn't you? Here's the address.

Borders Express
4403 Black Horse Pike
The Mall at Hamilton Center
Mays Landing, NJ 08330
Phone: 609.484.9277

I'll be the perky brunette with the big smile. The one willing to chat about her book, the weather, or any number of various topics.

Questions I am prepared to answer:

*Where's the bathroom?
*Where's the food court?
*Do you work here?
*Do you have that book 'The Secret…

On Writing: The (possible) Demise of Blogs

The always informative and lovely Kelly Parrarecently blogged about the demise of several industry blogs. She noted several authors are blogging less, too. *raising hand* Guilty, sista!

Kelly wrote: "I've felt the pressure to blog, especially if I've already blogged about a writing topic. It's difficult to come up with something fresh."Anne Frasiercommented: "personally, blogging almost killed me and i still haven't recovered. :D i don't know if blogs are over, but i think the frantic level of daily blogging is done. i think the very thing that made blogs so appealing -- the immediacy -- is also what made them hard to sustain. people burned out -- both blog writers and blog ten years people will be saying: "Remember blogs?""

I agree with Kelly. The challenge of blogging frequently isn't just a time issue. It's the challenge of coming up with something fresh. I've been blogging for three years now and, until very re…

On Writing: Routine--Whatever It Takes

Waking up at 6am every day is for the birds. Seriously. I don't like it. But it's part of my new routine... like the Monday/Thursday (with the occasional random day) blogs. So far, it all seems to be working. I'm accomplishing 'pub/biz' before 'library/work' so I can utilize the evenings to write. Although this evening, I'm sneaking away to movie.

Must rest brain. Must fill creative well. Ug.
If you haven't done so, please check out my previous post. Just got my cover for THE FALL OF ROME, my work-in-progress. And as it happens, I'm making progress. Two points for routine.

On the Fly: New Cover!

The first week of my new blogging schedule... and I stuck to it! Amazing. A Monday and Thursday post. Period. Although it felt strange not to attempt a blog a day, it did free up the extra time I needed for my WIP. Speaking of my work in progress, I'm currently writing the western that will be out in 2008. The sequel to ROMANCING THE WESTwhich comes out this fall.

Yesterday, I received news from Adam Mock, Vice President /Creative Director for Medallion Press, that my cover for said WIP/2008 release was complete. Adam has designed all of my MP covers and he always does an amazing job, brilliantly reflecting my story through his art. He scores another winner with this one. I'm thrilled! Thus, even though this book won't be coming out for quite some time, I'm utilizing a Random Day to share my cover (and blurb) for THE FALL OF ROME. Yee-haw! Have a great weekend, folks!

* * *
They gamble their lives with reckless abandon, but are they brave enough to bet on love?

Famous for…

On Reading: Seeking Inspiration

There are writers who cannot read whatever they are writing at that moment. Meaning if they are writing (insert genre or sub-genre of choice) they steer clear of reading same genre or sub-genre for pleasure. They don’t want to be influenced by someone else’s work. Some even fear the author’s work (words) could bleed into their own. Taking it to another level, there are some who read non-fiction only when writing a fiction novel.

I am not one of those people.

I don’t fear that I will be influenced by another writer’s words, but I do hope to be inspired by them. If I am writing a historical western (like I am now), I like to read novels set in that same time period. I also like to watch movies set in that same time period. I also read and refer to numerous non-fiction books dedicated to that same time period. In short, it’s important to me to immerse myself in whatever period I am writing. I suppose you could compare it to method acting. Live it. Become it.

Last week, someone returned a bo…

On Writing: Juggling Sub-Genres

Today is the first day of my new blogging schedule and format. Wish me luck. You know how fickle I am. A new mantra:

Make a plan.
Take the stand.
Stay. On. Track

Please hold while I repeat that three times.

(insert any Barry Manilow ballad)

Okay. I’m back.

I recently asked if there was anything you wanted to know about me or my writing process.

Roni wrote: “I'd like to hear more about how you balance writing more than one kind of romance (contemporary humorous with suspense and westerns).”

Beth says: "It ain’t easy."

My first western was a labor of love. It was my first attempt at writing a novel, the story of my heart. I wrote and rewrote--what became LASSO THE MOON--over a span of ten years before it finally sold. When I pitched the idea of two more westerns to Medallion Press, I was riding high on the rush of seeing my labor of love born. I thoroughly enjoyed revising and polishing LTM. I absolutely adored the characters and the time period. Secondary characters screamed, “Tel…

Coming Soon...

I'm juggling a lot of balls these days. I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to manage this blog while working full-time at the library, pulling the occasional emcee gig, and writing two novels a year. Here’s what I’ve decided.

Two standard posting days: Monday and Thursday and… a random day. Monday and Thursday will be steady. The random day will be a quick thought or announcement that can’t wait for one of those standard days. On a whim. At random. Not very often.

Three categories:
On Writing (Posts relating to craft--my process--industry, or promotion)
On Reading (Books I’m reading for pleasure or research. Or books in the news. Or books on my mind because of events or happenings at the library)
On the Fly (Thoughts or observations not pertaining to publishing.)

That’s what I’ve got. It’s my plan and mine alone. Whether it sticks or not is anybody’s guess because, hey, I don’t even keep the same hair color for long. But I’m going to go with this . . . as long as it lasts.

Official s…

Typically, Untypical

Typically, I don't think my typical day is all that interesting since semi-retiring from the entertainment industry. Let me amend... It's interesting to me (I adore working at the library and coming home to write my own stories), but it's not (typically) scintillating blog material. It's pretty routine. Even Cheyenne--my dog who has 'issues'--has settled into a more ordinary mode. She hasn't destroyed anything (like a book contract) in months.

Back to my life. You don't see the crazy stuff from behind the circulation desk that you see from on stage. Not that I'm complaining. In fact, I'm digging on this more ordinary life. It very much suits me just now. That said, a few untypical things happened yesterday. Definately bloggable.

When I went into work, my boss handed me an application. Now that I'm going full-time, she wants me to go for a promotion. First I have to send in the application, then I have to pass the test (A test?? *shudder*). If …

The Geek at the Prom

Sunday night I participated in a 'live' chat at Romance Junkies. Attendance was fair, but those present were enthusuastic and funny. More is not necessarily merrier. Special thanks to Billie Jo, chat moderator and all-around-great-gal for hosting the awesome one-hour party!

Some guests had read my work. Some had not. I'm pretty sure no one there had read ALL ABOUT EVIE yet, except for my sister, (I didn't even realize the 'Barb' chatting was 'my' Barb until later. Too funny!) and my friend Mark Posey (two-time Mr. Romance contestant and husband to author Tracy Cooper-Posey). So although I was there to promote ALL ABOUT EVIE and though we did talk about the premise, the majority of the time we engaged in mutual Q&A. They asked me about writing in general--my process, my past works and future interests. I asked them about their likes and dislikes as readers.

For one, I was very interested to know if readers are still interested in romantic comedy given …

Like I didn't have anything better to do this morning...


Around Blogosphere

It’s always nice when someone writes and asks if they can feature you and your book in some way. The Library Diva (Kelly) contacted me about participating in the 52 Books, 52 Weeksprogram sponsored by the Bensonville Community Public Library. Authors featured in past weeks in include Jodi Picoult, Jonathan Kellerman, Susan Elizabeth Phillips and many more… so it’s really quite the honor. My feature runs today. Click here to read. Thank you, Kelly!

Reader and romance enthusiast, Danette has created a unique blog where she highlights authors and their books with her Fantastic Fives. It’s a fun way to get to know authors better. My Fantastic Five is scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday). Please do visit and while you're there scroll down for more author features. Thank you, Danette!

Meanwhile, here are a few pics from the RT Convention (compliments of Mary.)
(L) Performing at Heather Graham's Vampires in the Wild West Ball. I played Calmity Jane. I'm the short one in the bloomers an…

RT and Life As I Know It

Last week I attended the Romantic Times Booklovers Conventionin Houston, TX. I signed on this morning with the intention of blogging about my experiences at RT. But my experiences are unique in that, as a professional performer, I’m always involved in various productions and therefore spend much of the time behind the scenes in rehearsals.

In years past I have written and directed the Mr. Romance Competition—a huge undertaking. Hats off to those who have taken over this role. In fact, let me say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who works behind the scenes in one or another capacity. Your time and dedication to providing an exciting convention is much appreciated!

Back to my unique experience… Last year I performed in three RT productions. I sang and recited poems at the Fairy Ball, acted in Heather Graham’sannual Mystery Musical, and co-hosted the Mr. Romance show. This year, I only performed in the latter two. But I also taught two writing workshops with friend/author Mary Stella.

Between r…

I Am Blessed

Day 2 of Evie being out and about in the world. I'm trying not to obsess on if people are buying this book but even more so on wondering if they are enjoying the read. Because that's where my passion is rooted... in entertaining people.

A couple of personal stories... My husband is reading ALL ABOUT EVIE. He is an avid reader, but not of the romance genre, so this is a big deal to me. He is also very honest. So when he told me he's enjoying the story, that he likes my humor, that he's intrigued by the plot... I've been floating all week.

Last night my sister Barb called. She'd just returned from her local Borders where she'd snatched up two copies of Evie from the new release table. I love her for her enthusiasm and lots of other stuff of course). She told me she'd been home (where we grew up in Indiana) over the weekend and that she saw my brother, Bobby. He was waving around the copy of ALL ABOUT EVIE that he had bought, teasing my mom and sisters that …

All About Evie... Behind the Story

Today ALL ABOUT EVIEofficially hits the shelves. Needless to say, I'm over the moon! In celebration, I'm hosting a gift giveaway featuring some of Evie's favorite things. Click herefor more details. I also added a Behind the Story feature on my website, which I'll share here as well. Thank you all for your support and kindness!

Let's start at the beginning. No details. Just an overview. A slice of life, my life, Evie's roots. I started performing professionally at the age of fourteen. I have the pictures to prove it. (See left) Don't laugh. My grandma dressed me. I think that flowered pant suit was her idea of hip and what did I know? I was a geek. But I got the gig. Singing with a trio in a Holiday Inn lounge every weekend. They paid me $25.00 a night. That's fifty bucks a weekend for a fourteen/fifteen year old! Great money (way back then). But I was more intrigued with the performance rush than the steady paycheck. I'd always l…