"What If" and Win!

Next week I'll be away at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention. It will be the week before ALL ABOUT EVIE officially hits shelves. So days that could have dragged, will fly. Instead of fretting over sales and reviews, the butterflies in my stomach will be due to my performance in Heather Graham's Vampires of the Wild West Show, co-hosting the Mr. Romance Competition, and co-lecturing two workshops.

The first workshop will be on Wednesday morning at the unearthly hour of 8:30am and runs for 90 minutes. Mary Stella and I spoke on this same subject last year and it went so well, we were asked to present the same workshop this year. It's geared toward beginning writers and it's called 'The Great What-If'. Through lecture and interaction we'll guide attendees through the concept of 'brainstorming'. It's all about kick-starting your brain, getting the ideas flowing as you begin or move a story forward. Brainstorming--what-iffing--is an essential part of storytelling (in my experience) whether you do it alone or with critique partner or group.

Last year, I asked blog readers to contribute a 'What-If' scenario so that Mary and I could share some examples in addition to our own. Many of you contributed, providing fun and inspiration here... and in the class. Since we were asked to repeat our workshop, I thought I'd ask you to particpate once again as well! We'll give you credit for your scenario, of course!

Here's an example of how 'what-iffing' worked for me when I brainstormed the premise of JINXED....

What if a wealthy woman goes on a shopping spree, only to have her credit card declined? What if she learns her accountant embezzled her entire inheritance leaving her penniless? What if she acquired that fortune when her father, then two older husbands, met with bizarre 'accidental deaths? What if the press labeled her the black widow? What if this woman has been plagued with bad luck her entire life? What if she was born on Friday the 13th? What if her superstitious mother convinced the sweet-natured heroine that she is JINXED?

You get the idea... So now it's your turn. Let your imagination run wild. Knock the editor off your shoulder. Provide us with a 'What If' scenario! As a thank you, Mary and I will happily send signed coverflats and bookmarks your way.

Let the fun begin!


HelenKay said…
Congratulations on the terrific review for ALL ABOUT EVIE in RT. That's fantastic!!
Beth Ciotta said…
Thank you, HelenKay. It blew my striped socks off! :-)
charleneteglia said…
I use "what if?" all the time. The novella I most recently turned in came from a meteor that hit Puget Sound in '04. I thought, "What if it was an alien spacecraft, coming to visit Seattle?"

"What if" is the best game ever. *g*
danetteb said…
Congrats Beth!

I had to think about a What if senario.......What if the woman chose the geek over the hot guy?What if the the geek turns out to be a bum?What if the woman still wants the geeky bum? What if the woman helps the geeky bum become famous from his geeky invention that failed when he tried to sell it?...I'm stumped now.....hugs, Danette
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Danette! Love your 'What If' :) Thanks so muh for stretching your creative muscles with us. If you would like signed coverflats and bookmarks from Mary and I, please email your mailing address to beth@bethciota.com

:) Beth
Beth Ciotta said…
Ooops! Typo in my email addy. Left out a 'T'. It's beth@bethciotta.com

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