Out of The Box Readers

If I shared this before, I apologize. My thoughts have been blurring lately. A few weeks ago while working the circulation desk at the library, a gentleman came up to check out two books. He was soft-spoken, well over sixty. While checking out his books, I noticed he also had LASSO THE MOON on his card. I assumed he'd checked it out for his wife.

I don't normally comment when someone is checking out a book I wrote. I'm shy in that way. Although one of my co-workers usually 'outs' me. Bless their hearts. Anyway, I was alone at the desk in this instance and I don't know why, but I did speak up. "I see that you have one of the books I wrote, LASSO THE MOON out."

I expected him to mention his wife. Instead, I got, "Yes, and I'm enjoying it very much." He smiled.

I blinked. "Um," blush, "I'm glad."

And here I thought I knew my audience. Just goes to show you should never sterotype your audience. Men read romance, too. *g*


Barb said…
Perhaps all men should read at least one romance book. I think it would really be beneficial to them.
Fedora said…
Awww... that's neat! I'm glad you had a chance to meet another of your fans in person like that ;)
Beth Ciotta said…
Knowing that gentlman read and enjoyed my tale is a huge thrill to be sure!

And Barb, I agree. :)
Roni said…
I'm not surprised! You're such a good storyteller, beth, I think your books appeal to a wide audience. Also, men like humor and adventure, and Lasso the Moon has plenty of both!

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