The Old, New, Everchanging Me

Yesterday, while searching for some ancient cassette tapes, my husband came across two pictures of me. “The many faces of Beth,” he said, showing me an instamatic (remember those?) photo and then a Polaroid.

In the first, I was in my early twenties, dark shoulder length hair growing out from a bad perm (remember those?), too much make up (stage makeup in my defense) and a glittery gold and blue stage costume—hello, mini skirt! I thought, gee, my thighs were big.

I said, “Did I spackle that make-up on?”

The second, I was twenty-nine or thirty. The only hint of my age—the hairstyle and color. Long, stick-straight, dark brown hair… bleached-blonde bangs. I’m not kidding. I forgot how adventurous I used to be! (I performed/sang for a living so I could get away with looking… different.) I thought, Wow. What possessed me to wear that outfit?

I said, “My face was thinner then.”

Those two pictures, and the subsequent thoughts and comments, were clear indicators of how judgmental I am of my physical self. They were also reminders of the younger, more adventurous me. The performer me.

The me of yesterday. But that’s another post.

Mostly they were evidence of how often I change my hairstyle/color.

The day before, I had been happy dancing because I was listed as an HQN author on eHarlequin. Woo-hoo!

My husband said… “And you already look different.” Meaning my hair. That professional shot was taken, hmmm, four months ago?

“At least it’s the same color,” I said, acknowledging the style was different. What can I say? I fixated on the most recent photos of Reese Witherspoon. I wanted that hairstyle and I didn’t want to wait until my next hair appointment. I grabbed a pair of scissors and… now I have short bangs. Thankfully, I didn’t botch the job. In fact, I’ve been getting a lot of compliments.

When's the last time you picked up a pair of scissors or a box of hair dye and took matters into your own hands? Did it turn out well… or not? *g*


Jordan Summers said…
I've stopped cutting my bangs/fringe thanks to the guy I go to now. That rule does not apply to color though. I actually do take the time to color my hair on the months that he doesn't. I'm sure he 'loves' my work. *ggg*
barb said…
Ahh... I too would love to have "Reese" hair, but Larry can't stand bangs and so for now I am indulging him. I often have to dye my own hair. (tons of gray) I prefer to have my stylist do it but sometimes it just gets too expensive. I really need to have it done every 4-5 weeks but tend to stretch it to 6-7 weeks. By then I pretty much look like an idiot.
Roni said…
Oh, Barb, you sound like me. I should have it done every month but it's too expensive. I have tried touching it up myself but it is so messy, and since it's hard to do with either glasses or contacts--let alone I don't want to ruin my bathroom sinks so I have to do it in the kitchen in my stainless steel sink--it is too messy and time-consuming to do often! I wish I never started dying it and had just gone gray. I hate having the roots show--it looks so bad and obviously fake!
Beth Ciotta said…
Jordan, my hair stylist woul have a fit if I colored my own hair in between visits. She'll take my cutting my own bangs a whole lot better. 'Color' is her specialty. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Barb... You would look AWESOME with Reese's hairtsyle. You have the perfect hair and face for bangs. What does Larry know? Hee!
I know what you mean about the expense of salon visits. I used to dye my own hair a lot when I was younger. But now there's too much grey and the texture of my hair has changed somewhat as well. It's just to much to consider to handle on my own. So, like you, to save on cost, I end up streching the time between visits. I have learned to be very creative with headbands and such. *g*
Beth Ciotta said…
Roni, I saw a photo of a woman in MORE (love that magazine) of a woman in her late forties who let her hair go all grey/silver. She actually looked fabulous. It helped that the hairstyle was very flattering. It made me think of Emmy Lou Harris who also opted to go all natural silver. Very unique and lovely. Someday, I hope to be brave enough to let nature shine through. But I'm not there yet. LOL
Gabriele C. said…
I have the hairdresser dye and cut my hair every 3 months. Not a luxury I can really afford, but certainly better than doing it myself. I'd end up looking like Pumuckl, the German TV series gnome. :)
charleneteglia said…
I do it myself these days, but I'm always making changes in color and style. Hey, if I don't like it, in a month it'll grow out! *g* There was that one "blue hair" episode, but on the whole, it's worked well.
Beth Ciotta said…
Gabrielle, no way could you look like a gnome. LOL But just the same, (and cost aside) it is just so much easier to have the cut and color done by someone you trust. I'm with you! (Except for my recent Reese episode) *g*
Beth Ciotta said…
((((Charlene)))) Blue. Ha! Love it. Back when I colored my own hair, I once went for this deep burgandy henna. Unfortunately, it came out more on the purple side. Not one of my husband's faves. LOL
Jennifer Elbaum said…
I'm CONSTANTLY changing my hair color/cut.

(I'm also the gal who went from straight hair and got a spiral perm (hey it was 1990 and they were all the rage) on the day before my wedding!)
Roni said…
SIlvery gray isn't bad, but my gray is a funny yellowish (against my almost-black hair). Nothing looks right--neither the coloring job or the roots. Sigh.
Beth Ciotta said…
OMG! The day before your wedding, Jen? You whackadoodle. *g*

Roni, what about a mix. Meaning light and dark. Brown with carmel highlights. Although higlights are expensive. Trust me. I know. What a pain eh, gals?

Hey. We could all shave our heads like Britney.


Marjorie Jones said…
I often cut my own bangs, and when I do, I always cut them too short! ugh.

Can't wait for next week, Beth! I wanna great big HUGG!!!!!


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