Looking for Superman

Is it Wednesday already? The middle of the first week of April so soon? Nooooo!

Are any of you on friendly terms with Superman? Can you ask him to zip around the earth really fast, causing the planet to slow and maybe spin backward? He can do that, right? Buy me a few more days?

The Romantic Times Booklovers Convention is less than three weeks away. I'm not ready. I have all of my day-wear/biz-wear and evening costumes together, but I need to prepare my lectures for two workshops and gather my promo and all sorts of other stuff. I would say that I also have two scripts to memorize, but I have a feeling those are going to be handed to me on property and I'll be committing to memory as best I can late night in my hotel room. Did I tell you? I'm co-hosting the Mr. Romance Pageant with actor/model Bill Freda (woo-hoo!) and also co-starring in a Heather Graham mystery production. All I know is that I'm a vampire saloon girl. I actually had an appropriate costume in my closet. Can you believe it?
At any rate, preparing for RT took a backseat to preparing for the release of ALL ABOUT EVIE. Also about three weeks away! Yippee! I'm ready, but I'm not ready, if you know what I'm saying. I've already tackled quite a few promotional efforts. The past two days I've been creating an excerpt booklet, a newsletter, labeling envelopes, and sorting stacks of bookmarks for 100 readers groups. I'm still not done! Again, I ask... has anyone seen the hunky guy in tights who can work super fast and lift super heavy things? I don't think I'm asking too much. A few hours of a superhero's time. Jeesh.
In other news, I just learned that ALL ABOUT EVIE will be released as an e-book as well as in mass market paperback. That's super good news for readers who prefer to download and read their stories on those e-readers gadgets that are becoming so popular. Also good news for me because it means Evie will be avail in an additional format!
Lastly, I noticed an excerpt has been posted at Amazon.com for Evie. Harlequin must have done that. I'm not sure I've seen an actual except posted at Amazon before, but I think it's very cool. Kind of like when you're in the bookstore and you browse the first page to get a feel for the author's voice. Now when someone orders AAE, they'll have a real clue as to what kind of 'voice' they'll be getting.
OMG. Look at the time. So much to do. Where's Superman????


Roni said…
I don't know about Superman, but you're Supergirl Beth! All that and starting the next western! Maybe you can pay a preteen to help you sort and collate promotional materials? Doing it assembly-line style means it will get done fast. Good luck!
Brooks said…
How about Mighty Mouse? Maybe his schedule isn't as heavy as Superman's. Sorry ...that wasn't very helpful.

How about Steve (Clark Kent) C.? Yeah, I know. He already does enough.

Hmmm, I suppose that Supergirl will have to go it alone again ...and she always wins!
Jewell said…
Just ordered my "Evie" copy!

Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Roni. Ah, yes, if only any of my neices or nephews lived nearby! *sigh* At any rate, the mailing is done. Yay! As for the western... starting a new story is exciting and frustrating at the same time. I'm sure you can relate! ;)
Beth Ciotta said…
Brooks, I will happily take the helpful paws of Mighty Mouse. Love Mighty Mouse. Probably more than Superman. But not more than Steve. :)

Jewell, picture me smiling really big! There is one section in Evie that you'll read and think, hey, I know this story. Buzzzz. Hee!
Bethany said…
I don't know, but if you find him, send 'em my way too! Too much going on to keep track these days! ;-)

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