Good Morning, Houston!

Hello everybody! I'm whipping off a quick note from Houston, TX. It's 7:30am and I'm already dressed and ready to head out for the first official day at the Romantic Times Convention. Mary Stella and I are teaching a workshop on 'Brainstorming' at 8:30am. After that I'll be free to roam 'promo lane' and attend a few workshops before the night's big welcome parties. (Yes, plural)

Last night Mary and I met up with several writer friends and gabbed the night away. It was fun and inspiring and just a tease of the good times to come this week. I'll try to check in through the week, but the days are really crammed so I'll probably save any industry reports or gossip for when I get home. I promise to take take good notes!

On another subject, there have already been a few sightings of ALL ABOUT EVIE in bookstores. Alison saw Evie at a Barnes and Noble in Texas. Mary saw her at a BN in Florida--cover out!! Someone else saw her at a Borders prominantly displayed on the new release table in the front of the store! I know, what's with all the exclamaition points? But store placement is important so this news is very exciting!!! It may be raining in Houston this morning but the sun is shining in my heart. *g*

Have a great day, my friends! I know I will. *G*


barb said…
I'll have to make my way to the bookstore. I'm so excited.
p.s. Tomorrow is mom's birthday. I'll remind you again tomorrow!
Lara Adrian said…
Argh! I think blogger ate my comment. Anyway, trying again . . .

Have fun, Beth! I'm reading ALL ABOUT EVIE now and loving it! She's a hoot . . . just like someone else I know! ;-)

Enjoy the convention!
danetteb said…
Man,I went to the bookstore today and no All About Evie yet.Guess I'll be patient.`g*

Have a fun RT weekend Beth.
Hugs, Danette
Anna Lucia said…
Looking forward to your notes, Beth!
Beth Ciotta said…
Barb... did you see Evie yet? :)

Lara, so glad you're enjoying Evie. :) The conevntion was fun. Trying to recover enough to blog today. LOL

Danette, Evie should be avail no later than May 1. Be sure to let me know what you think.

Anna... notes forthcoming. Momentarily braindead. LOL

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