Posts are going to be sporadic for the next couple of weeks, folks. Crazy-busy. More than usual. Juggling several writing deadlines, promo obligations, and the day-gigs. In addition, next week I'll be away at the Romantic Times Convention in Houston. I try to blog when I'm away, but as Josh would say in LASSO THE MOON, Sometimes good intentions aren't worth spit. Because you see, it is alway crazy-busy at RT. But more of a fun-busy, then stress-busy, although I'm sure I'll experience a little anxiety just before the two workshops I'm giving as well as the two productions I'm preforming in--pre-show butterflies. However, once I'm 'on' those pretty much go away.

Anyhoo, running around like a madwoman today. Lots of preparing and packing to do. I keep telling myself I'm packing light this year. Then I think of another thing I just might need... What I need is Evie's Big Red suitcase. Although I don't have Arch around to pay the excess weight charge at the airport. *sigh* Speaking of Evie... nine days to showtime!!! Woo-hoo!!

So, what are you up to this weekend?


Mary Stella said…
Pretty much doing the same stuff as you, B! Oooh, neat news for you. My friend received an email alert from Marilyn that All About Evie is available for pre-order and will be available for sale May 1st. The word is spreading.
Barb said…
The weather is finally looking better so we hope to spend some time outside.
P.S. I know you will be crazy-busy but mom's birthday is Thursday. Should I call and remind you?
Love ya!!!
Beth Ciotta said…
That IS cool news, Mary! Thanks for sharing. :) May 1 will be here in the blink of an eye. Yowza!

The weather finally turned nice here, too. Barb. Sunshine and warm temps today. So very welcome! I'll be at RT all next week. So yes, call me. If you don't get me, leave a message. My brain WILL be overloaded and time will blur. (Like that's different from any other time. LOL)
Jewell said…
Packing light?????

Um, hello.

You pack the least amount of crap I've ever seen! Yet you have everything and always look fab.

You rock at that, and should give lessons.

Have a fabbo time.
Mary Stella said…
Whoops. I meant to say that my friend Marilyn got an email alert from Amazon. *sigh* My head is spinning with pre-RT chores. I'm almost packed, however, and I can fit it all in one large suitcase and a carryon-computer bag!

Barb, just in case there isn't good cell service in the hotel, you can also send me email about your mother's birthday and I'll remind Beth. I'm bringing my laptop with me.
Alison said…
I saw Evie on the B&N shelves yesterday. Cypress, TX. Hwy 6. They must have just put them out as I would guess there were 6 - 8 copies. I was going to take a picture, but a customer would not put down the book she was reading and get out of my way, LOL!
Beth Ciotta said…
The least amount of crap ever, Jewell? I pride myself on packing crap. I must be slipping. LOL

Mary, you are a stella--whoops--steller friend. I, on the other hand, am pathetic. Yes, do give me a nudge on Thursday. Mom's. Birthday. Hello????
Beth Ciotta said…
Alison.... REALLY?? You already saw Evie on the shelf? 6 to 8 copies??!! Darn that customer for obscuring your picture! Doesn't she/he know I'm anxious to know I'm touching the masses? The nerve. LOL

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