Cold Temps, Warm Hearts

Um, hasn't Spring sprung? The official start was March 20, correct? When I think of Spring, I think of sunshine, warmer temps, budding flowers... green.

I live on the coast in NJ. The sun is not shining. The reported temp is 37 degrees though it says it 'feels like' 28. The sky is grey, the grass brown. No sane flower would try to bloom in this frosty dismal-land. Oh, and it's snowing. Just sparse flakes, but snow is snow and cold is cold.

Between work-work and writing-work, I haven't had a social date in months. Today I am meeting with four dear girlfirends from my entertainment hey-day. We're having lunch and then we planned on strolling the Atlantic City boardwalk, seeing what's new and excting and then window shopping The Pier at Caesars, a new deluxe shopping mall that extends over the ocean. Window shopping because I have heard the stores are mega-expensive. Although there is a LUSH. I'm betting all five of us buy something in there, even if it's just a bar of soap.

Did I mention it's snowing? And cold? So I'm guessing we won't be strolling the boardwalk much as the wind off of the ocean will be fierce. I'm guessing we'll overstay our welcome in the restaraunt as we talk and laugh over our meal and numerous cups of French-pressed coffee. I'm thinking we'll make a beeline from the casino to that mall where we'll ogle all the pretty things we can't afford. Except for the soap. But that's okay. I like soap. And I love my friends. And since I so rarely see them, I will treasure this day. Knowing these ladies as I do, I'll still get the sunshine and warmth I was hoping for.

So what's the weather like where you are and what are you doing this holiday weekend?


Julia Templeton said…
Well, it was 75 degrees yesterday...but today it's in the sixties and raining.
Bummer about the cold weather, Beth. I'm sure you'll still have a great time with your girlfriends!
Gabriele C. said…
We have spring here - you can literally watch the buds budding. :) Sunny and more green every day.
catslady said…
It went from a day that hit 80 to now 30 and snow flurries - ugh.
Barb said…
27 degrees and dropping. And yes, we had snow too. Is it any wonder I want to move south? Easter should be fun. I made up clues for the kids to find their Easter baskets. I hope it is a success. Happy Easter to you, Steve, Billie, Cheyenne and Sadie. Why don't you hide color some eggs just for the fun of it!
Beth Ciotta said…
Hmm. So I'm thinking we all need to visit Germany. Gabriele seems to be the only one being treated to a lovely Spring. I know where Barb and Julie are. Wondering where Catslady is. 80 down to 30? That's brutal!

Meanwhile I had a lovely day with my friends. And as I predicted... we all bought soap. :-)

Barb--good luck with the easter basket hunt. Wish I could be there to see that! *hugs*

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