Techno-Goober Strikes Again

Last night I was working on an act fact sheet,, details to be used by the art department when creating a cover, when all of a sudden my screen blanked to a message that said Windows Hibernating.... then the screen went black!

I tried to turn the computer back on but nada! My heart palpitated. Please don't tell me I just crashed my second laptop in less than a year. Why me? No matter how many times I tried to reboot nothing happened. My stomach turned. It's dead. Depressed, I picked up a book and tried to lose myself in someone else's story.

My husband got home from work abut ninety minutes later. He asked how my night went. I told him, "I think I killed my laptop." Again.

"What now?" he said as he started pushing buttons and checking various other things. All of a sudden I look over and my screen is lit up and displaying the document I'd had open before it died. Wahoo!

"What happened?" I asked.

He didn't roll his eyes, but I'm thinking he wanted to. Turns out the power strip I'd plugged my laptop into was turned off. I'd been working off of my battery for several hours without realizing it. He informed me that when the battery gets too low the computer goes into hibernation as a safeguard.


I felt a little, okay, a lot stupid. But now I know. I'm just glad Ethel, my laptop, is still alive and ticking.

Anyone else have a recent goober moment lately?


Mary Stella said…
You called your laptop Ethel? No wonder it likes to mess with you. *g*

I haven't had a recent computer-techno-goober moment, but I'm confusing the heck out of the protein skimmer for my aquarium. I thought it wasn't working so I twisted one little knob and set off a geyser. Whoopsy. A friend from work is coming over tomorrow night to readjust the thing before I get additional fish and corals this weekend.
Anonymous said…
Hooray for Techno Goober!

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