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Research. Every story I write involves research. Career, location, time period, fashion, transportation, weaponry. The list goes on.

I own quite a few research books on the medieval period, the American West and the Roaring twenties. Books on private detectives, protection specialist, and the FBI. Then there's my paranormal section; ghosts, reincarnation, witches, magic... The list goes on.

Since a person only has so much many to spend on books and only so much room to store them, I utilize the library a lot these days. I also use the Internet. This morning I clicked on my 'Favorites' which contains a list of sites I bookmarked. I smiled because I could tell what story I was working on by the way they were grouped.

*History Timeline--Napa County Genealogy
*San Francisco Task Force on Prostitution
*California Pacific Railroad
Book... Romancing the West (coming 7/07)

*Scottish Vernacular Dictionary
*Trafalgar Squarer-- Pubs and Bars
*The Baronage Registry
Book... Everybody Loves Evie (coming 3/08)

*Ancient Civilizations
*Pentacle or Pentagram
Book proposal... new paranormal series

*1980s Rock's Greatest Hits
*Ninja 250R
*Mississinawa Lake
Book proposal... new contemporary series

So what's listed in your 'Favorites' Internet file?


FeyRhi said…
My favourites list is out of control but here are a couple that have been to recently:
*Dicken's London Map
*Reproduction Historical Maps
*A Regency Repository
*The Peerage
*Regency Fashions
*Avon Submission Requirements

I don't think it's hard to guess what I am working on LOL

One month left Beth! I'm so excited already, I keep checking the Chapters across the parking lot from my work just in case it hits the shelves early.
Julia Templeton said…
I LOVE research, too!
My favorite links are:

Deb's historical research page: (I highly recommend this site. Deb has links to just about every topic relating to history.)
Gabriele C. said…
Picts, Chariot Racing, Hadrian, Pictish language, Vindolanda Tablets, Roman Names, Roman Britain Villas, Colchester, Niall of the Nine Hostages, Dal Riata, Constantine III, Gerontius, Iron Age Chariots, Roman Governors of Britain, The Gask Project, Hadrian's Wall History, List of Celtic Tribes .....

You don't want me to list my books. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Great links, Feyrhi! I know the Regency Fashion site you're talking about. Been there many times. Awesome. So are you or have you submitted to Avon? Thinking positive for you!

As to the release of ALL ABOUT EVIE, I super excited! Let me know when you see it. I'll squeal for sure! ;)
Beth Ciotta said…
Julie, I love Deb's historical research page. A person could get lost there for hours though. ;) Hmm, think I'm going to have to check out your pictures of England site. :)

Gabriele, awesome list there. Okay, you don't have to list your research books, but curious, about how many do you own?
FeyRhi said…
No submittions yet, I'm working on my first draft. My goal is to be editor ready by the end of the year. I'd cross my fingers but I need them to type *G*

As soon as I see your book on the shelf, I'm taking a picture to send to you!

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