Read the First Chapter!

Warning: Blatant self-promotion.

I received the official okay from HQN to share an excerpt from All About Evie. Woo-hoo! Because of their generous allowance of word count and my spiffy tight writing (*g*), I can actually share the entire first chapter. Click here to read!

Meanwhile, only 1 month and 26 days until Evie hits the shelves! Woo-hoo! Or you can pre-order NOW from any one of your favorite on-line bookstores. If you do pre-order I'll see it in my sales ranking and that would make my day. Hint-hint. :)

Coming soon, a fun give away to celebrate Evie's debut. Stay tuned.


Brooks said…
Read it. Loved it. You nailed it!

For those who haven't worked in the entertainment business, this scene is as real as it gets. A cautionary tale for an y aspiring showbiz wannabes.

I really want to read this book. Can't wait. But, I'll have to ...oh, pre-ordering will help to pass the time.
Beth Ciotta said…
Awwww. Brooks!! I'm so glad you liked what you read. Coming from someone who has lived in the biz, your thumbs up thrills me to no end. :) Hugs!
ElsieHogarth said…
Beth, I loved the excerpt. Go Evie!!! Great about the flashing her perky 32's.
Bethany said…
I cannot wait for this book Beth! :-)

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