Manic, but Happy

I haven't been blogging regularly. I used to blog almost daily. But the 'To Do' list I often mention is out of control. Something's gotta give, meaning time has to come from somewhere. If I did blog regularly just now, you'd be getting a rundown of my day... daily. You don't want that. Really you don't.

Because I'm juggling a bazillion things, my mind is all over the place. Call me manic. I'm simultaneously overwhelmed and excited. These are exciting times. Here's a snippet of what I'm experiencing now and in the next few months.

*At the risk of boring you I won't list specifics, but I've been creating and organizing promo for All About Evie, a time intensive campaign that will continue for several weeks.

*I recently wrote and submitted three chapters of a new contemporary trilogy to my agent. If she likes what she reads, she'll submit that to my publisher and hopefully my publisher will be as keen on the story as I am and offer a contract. We'll see.

*I'm currently writing the synopsis for the third book of my 'Evie' trilogy--working title: Chasing Evie--, due to my publisher in six days. I love Evie. I hate writing synopsis. Enough said.

*I have jury duty Monday and Tuesday. I've never had jury duty. I'm nervous. My husband said, no need to be nervous, but take a book. Okay. I think I have one or two of those around somewhere. *g*

*I need to calculate my expenses for the past year and submit all that info to my husband the first week in April. Tax time. Blech.

*I'll be starting a new story April 1st. The Fall of Rome. My next western. Due to my publisher August 1. I'm super excited as this story features Rome Garrett, a man I fell in love with (in my fantasy world) in Lasso the Moon. I remember my heart pounded for all kinds of reasons when I wrote the synopsis. This story is going to rock... er, from the creator's perspective that is.

*April also includes the Romantic Times Convention. Wa-hoo! I love RT! A chance to mingle with readers and booksellers. A chance to hang out with good friends I see only once or twice a year. I'm also teaching two workshops... need to prepare. And performing in Heather Graham's theater production during her annual bash... waiting for the script. And co-hosting the Mr. Romance Competition... waiting for the script, although I've seen the outline and as always the show promises to be fun! Yesterday, I shopped for an evening gown for that specific production. Totally depressing. Don't get me started. One whine. Why don't they make trendy affordable dresses for women with curves? *sigh*

*On the very heels of RT comes the release of All About Evie, my first book for HQN. For those of you who know me, there is a lot of me in Evie. She's a show biz veteran as am I. It was bound to happen. *g* But as a result, it feels like I'm putting myself out there in a big way. And then there's the whole 'first person' issue. A very different book for me. On pins and needles wndering how it will be received. I'll let you know when reviews and reader comments start rolling in.

*All of the above happens in April. In May, I'll be knee-deep in writing The Fall of Rome and doing booksignings for All About Evie.

*In June I'll be appearing at BEA (Bookseller Expo America) in NYC , signing advance copies of Romancing the West in the Medallion Press booth, and copies of All About Evie in the Harlequin booth. More on that later. Very exciting event.

*In July... the release of Romancing the West ( love this story) which means lots of promo work in the months before hand.

*Somewhere in there I'll get revisions for Everybody Loves Evie, the 2nd book in Evie's adventures.

Um, so you can see why I'm a little scattered and overwhelmed, but mostly, excited. Someone asked me the other day if I miss performing professionally. I could honestly answer, no. Been there. Did that. For thirty years. I have a new passion. A new career. And I am grateful from head to toe. Manic, but happy. Counting my blessings.

"Writing is the most fun you can have by yourself." ~~ Terry Pratchett


Jennifer Elbaum said…
I've got Jury Duty in April. I'm bringing a book and a notebook (who knows what great notes I'll be able to scribble!)
Beth Ciotta said…
The book was much needed, Jenn. :) Long waits. As it turned out I didn't get picked. Got alot of reading done though. :)

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