It's Official!

Just because you choose a title for a story when you pitch it or even write it, that doesn't mean that title will actually end up on the book. I started writing the second Evie novel under the name Being Evie. It was a spin off of an old movie called Being Eve just as All About Evie is a spin off of the classic All About Eve. The title meant something to me because in this episode (so to speak) Evie is coming to better terms with her new life and mending things in her old life. However, when I was about midway through the story my editor informed me that the marketing team didn't go for Being Evie. She explained why. Two solid reasons that I totally understood. Henceforce, until we came up with a better title, we just referred to the book as Evie 2, even up to the point when I turned it in.

While writing the last quarter of Evie 2, I mulled over new titles, trying to stay true to Evie's obsession with movies and TV sitcoms--a spin off of something familiar. I submitted three more ideas, but one in particular cried out "Pick me!" And as I finished the story that title became even more poingant. I made notes on my art fact sheet and also explained to my editor why I thought that title perfectly fit the story. I knew of course that this would be discussed at another meeting and I was ready to accept whatever title they thought best whether it be a suggestion of mine or theirs.

A couple of days ago I got a note from my editor. "It's official. Evie 2 will henceforth be known Everybody Loves Evie!"

Yes! It's the title I'd hoped for. The one that cried, "Pick me!" The one I think perfectly fits the story though I can't tell you why because it would involve a couple of spoilers. And if that wasn't enough, I also learned that the release date was pushed up. Originally, there was talk of a summer 2008 release. Now they're saying spring 2008. Wahoo! It's official! Everybody Loves Evie is coming your way March 2008!

In the meantime, book one of the series will hit shelves in May 1st (this year!)! A little over a month from now. I am on pins and needles. Can't wait! Click here to read the first chapter of All About Evie, available at all on-line stores for pre-order.

Next up, I need to write and submit the synopsis for Evie 3. I think I know the title of that one, but it's not official. Stay tuned!

Speaking of titles, have you seen one recently that really caught your attention?


FeyRhi said…
OMG Beth the first chapter is awesome I can't wait to read the rest. I actually cheered out loud at the last sentance.
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Feyrhi! Yahoo! You just inspired me to happy dance. :-) Thanks sooooo much.
Gabriele C. said…
Coming up with titles is such a pest, and when you finally found one that works, the publisher will ask you to come up with another twenty.

Stones of Power
Stone Magic
Secret of the Stones ....

Gah, they all suck. I think I'll stick with Kings and Rebels, stones be damned. :)

Everybody Loves Evie sounds like a book with a good dose of humour.
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi, Gabriele. I realy like 'Kings and Rebels'. I do hope you get to keep it.

As for humor in Everybody Loves Evie... yep. A good dose. Although humor is subjective, eh?

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