Introducing Shaun

The past few days have been a little lousy on the personal front. At times like this I'm always happy for anything that makes me smile. Like Shaun the Sheep! Steve sent me this link to a website promoting a new show from the people who gave us Wallace and Grommit (which I love).

Like Shaun, I'm currently creating a new work of art. Happy to say it's going pretty well. Hey. Maybe it would go even better if I got one of those hats!


FeyRhi said…
LOL I love W&G! If I remember correctly I think that Shaun was in one of their episodes titled "A Close Shave" (I looked it up *G*) Best of luck on your current WIP!
Brooks said…
Your Tech cred just went up 10 points!
Beth Ciotta said…
Aren't Wallace and Grommit, great, FeyRhi? Just love 'em. Thanks for the good wishes!

Thanks, Broks!Although it really was just a cut and paste deal. :) Hope you liked Shaun!
Anna Lucia said…

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