Harlequin books seeks "real men" for covers...

Jeez, I don't post for days, now two posts in one morning. Can you believe it? But I just found this and HAD to share!

--Until now, the publisher (Harlequin) relied on modelling agencies to supply bodies for its concupiscent covers. But the readership -- predominantly female and averaging 42 years of age -- was upset when slight, young cover models clashed with the brawny, mature heroes described within.

"Some of the heroes are captains of industry, billionaires," said Deborah Peterson, a Harlequin creative designer and a judge at the audition. "A lot of the models were too young, men in their twenties ... and our audience likes men a little bit older, a bit bigger, than the runway models."--

Click here to read the full article.

As a reader and writer in my 40s, I'll just say: Experienced, older, real men put the 'S' in sexy!


Tori Lennox said…
Yeah, I'd rather see hot and sexy guys my age, too. Or at least some in their 30s. :)
FeyRhi said…
A coworker and I were talking about this a cople of days ago. Spacifically the difference between Boys and MEN, disregarding age. The baby faced heart throbs just don't cut is for us. We both agreed that we prefer the rugged, mature man. Hugh Jackman being being a perfect example.
Beth Ciotta said…
I hear ya, Tori!

FeyRhi, I'm with you and you friend. Thumbs up for rugged, mature men. Thumbs way up for Hugh Jackman. ;) Speaking of, have you ever seen SOMEONE LIKE YOU starring Jackman and Ashley Judd. If not check it out. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0244970
Really cute and sexy romantic comedy. :)
Jordan Summers said…
I just like a man to look like a man. If he looks like he doesn't shave yet, it really doesn't do anything for me.
Constance said…
If Harrison Ford can still be hot at his age, why do they think we want boytoys? Bring back Real Men ™.
Julia Templeton said…
Hooray for Harlequin wanting real men on their covers!!! I don't want to look at guys the same age as my son. Now give me a hunky man in his thirties and forties and I'm a happy lady.
Beth Ciotta said…
Jordan... *snicker*

Constance, Harrison Ford always makes me swoon. Hans Solo. Indiana Jones. The down and out airplane pilot in Seven Days, Seven Nights. *Sigh*

Julie, I'm with you! I find I am also attracted to hunky men in their 50s and even 60s (Harrison Ford, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery...) Hunky isn't always a super pumped-up buff bod. (I know you agree) It's also intelligence, sense of humor and a kind heart. My husband comes to immediate mind. Hunky with a capital H. :)

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