What I've Been Up To

Working. Writing.

Aside from that I do have some promos simmering for ALL ABOUT EVIE. Very cool. More about those soon.

Meeting with my agent and two HQN editors in NYC next week. Very exciting. More about that later.

Meanwhile... Working. Writing. Deadline in 13 days.

Have a great weekend. my friends!


Marjorie Jones said…
GO! BETH GO!!!! Rah Rah Rah *shaking pom poms*

Whew... out of breath.
And my tiara fell off.

Mary Stella said…
You can do it, B! Let me read more!!
Barb said…
Make sure you make time for a healthy breakfast (coffee) and a good lunch (coke and pretzels). Don't forget how important supper is (egg drop soup). Go big, smaller sister.

By the way, did I get deleted from the list of people who get to pre-read a little somethin' somethin'?
FeyRhi said…
Keep going Beth!! I've got Evie's release date circled on my calendar, can't wait to see it!
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks, Marjorie. Imagining your pom-pom shaking and flying tiara made me smile. :)

Hugs, Mary. And thanks for the card!

Barb, all I'm saying is it's scary how well you know my deadline eating habits. (which closely mirror my normal eating habits) *g*

Thanks for the shout of support, FeyRhi. MUCH appreciated. :)

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