The Telling Nightmare

So last night the panic really set in. Four days left to finish this book, possible I can squeeze in a few hours on the fifth day. It's going to be tight. Real tight. And aside from worrying about finishing on time there's the niggling concern--is it any good? I'm convinced no matter how many novels I write that concern will never go away. I think most writers suffer from the same anxiety. Speaking of anxiety...

Last night my subconscience reverted to my previous longtime profession as an entertainer. Specifically earlier days when I was on the road with a band. The details are bright and fresh in my head, but I have a book to finish so here's a summery only.

All the other band members were dressed and ready for the night's performance. "Do you know what time it is?" one of them says to me. I look at my watch. "Oh, my, God!" We had to leave the hotel NOW to make the performance on time. I rummage through my suitcase, find a costume and throw it on. I grab a bag, race out the door, and jump in the van. We arrive at the club and I realize I forgot to do my hair (which looks like a rats nest) or to apply makeup (you don't want to see me without makeup).

The band leader tells me I have five minutes. I root through my bag... I forgot my makeup and my curling iron! I race around asking cocktail waitresses if they have any eyeliner or lipstick that I can borrow even though I know you're not supposed to wear someone else's makeup. Someone coughs up an eye pencil, but it breaks. I run to the gift shop in hopes of lipstick but they have nada. Time's ticking. Times out. I run to the stage. The band is waiting. They look at their watches, at me. "We're late and the club owner's pissed." What can I do? I jump on stage, hair a mess, sans makeup--unpolished as it were--and start dancing.

Dream open for interpretation, folks. I'm thinking it's a no-brainer. *g*


Constance said…
Sure it's a no brainer. Despite adversity, you always deliver the goods in the end. *g* Go, Beth!

--And you weren't even naked or in your PJs onstage. Pshaw. Piece of cake. :)
Charlene Teglia said…
Don't worry, Beth, by the time it's been through edits and copyedits and has a nice cover on it, your story will have its hair done and makeup on and be ready to perform for the world. *g*
Gabriele C. said…
Hehe, I still fail maths tests in my sleep. :)

Who know, while I hate deadlines and am glad I don't have to write under pressure, they might help me to get my butt into gear.

Except that I started preparing for the final examn in Biology the night before, so that doesn't bode good for me and deadlines. ;)
Anna Lucia said…
Sheesh, even your dream's an over achiever... ggg

Beth Ciotta said…
Constance, I like your take on the dream. True, true, about the nekkid part. I was at least spared that. :)

Charlene, that's an awesome way to look at it, Thanks!

Gabrielle, best of luck on that exam!!!

Anna, ACK! Am I an overachiever? Food for thought. :)

Thanks all for you support. Best get back to it. :)
Gabriele C. said…
Lol Beth, it's like 25 years ago. But I did make 14 out of 15 possible points. :)
Anna Lucia said…
Keep going, Beth.

Are you drinking enough water? Taking little breaks from the screen? ;-)

Thinking of you.
Julia Templeton said…
Damn that ticking clock! *g* You'll make deadline, Beth!
Anna Lucia said…
You can do it, Beth!
Beth Ciotta said…
You guys are the best! Thanks so much for the shouts of support. I am officially zombie-woman. Brain-dead. The walking-dead. Although I did squeeze in a shower today. Got blindsided by another rush deadline over the weekend on a book in another phase of the pub process. So I'm juggling. Sort of. Will check in when I can. If I have a brain. LOL Best to all!
Anna Lucia said…
Oh no, not another one! Poor Beth!


Still cheering you on, babe.

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