Romance Novel TV

Awhile back I was contacted by a new TV production company and asked if I'd be available for an interview. This Internet-based company would focus specifically on romance novels. Unique, eh? They had already scheduled quite a few other NJ authors for an interview. The date was set and the location was almost three hours north of me. As bad luck would have it, that day I was contracted for a job that I could not get out of. Imagine my disappointment. I mean, what an opportunity to promote my books, right? They assured me that they would keep me in mind for a future interview. I sure hope they do. I just got a sneak peek at the Romance Novel TV which launches.... Valentines Day, February 14. Be sure to check it out and show your support!


barb said…
Very interesting. I sure hope you get another chance.
Anna Lucia said…
That was fascinating, Beth! I hope they call you back, too...

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