Out and About, Over and Out

While getting at least three sips of java into my system before diving into my deadline book, I got out and about blogosphere. I see that I am not the only one who has a book due in seven days. Sending a shout of support in Jaci Burton's direction. "You can do it!" Her state of mind sounds similar to mine. Ah, well. What doesn't kill us... right?

And one of the reasons we keep chugging away is so that we can enjoy more moments like this. Hop over and congratulate Lara Adrian on her new sales. That woman is on a roll. Go Lara!

Not that I need another diversion (thanks, Lara), but have you checked out Anne Frasier's blog? The posts are great. But can I just say her avitar cracks me up! So wrong, but so funny.

Okay. I'm midway though that cup of java now. A voice (maybe Jaci's) is shouting in my head. S-e-v-e-n days. Noted. No more dallying. Over and out. Opening the WIP.... now.


Olga said…
You can do it! And congratulations to Lara!
Julia Templeton said…
GO Beth GO!
You can do it!!!!!
Jaci Burton said…
Nice to know there's someone else out there suffering in deadline hell. Go Beth Go!

Oh, and I finished my beast of a book last night. It was torture, I tell you. ;-)

Now I have to edit it. *cries*
Roni said…
Beth, I know you can not only do it, but do it well!
Larissa said…
Go! Go! Go! <--digging up my old cheerleading skills!
Beth Ciotta said…
You guys are the best. :) I need all the rah-rahs I can get just now.

Jaci, CONGRATS! And good luck with the editing.

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