Moments That Make You Go...Gee

Indulge my geekdom, please. I recently joined a site devoted to HQN authors and as of last night, I'm official. Go here to see me alongside some of the other talented souls who write for HQN.

I have to say that it feels a bit surreal. Thirteen years ago I was gobbling up every romance I could get my hands on and dabbling with my own story (which morphed into Lasso the Moon). I stunk at the craft, but I was motivated and I had a dream. So I studied and practiced, wrote and submit, weathered rejection... and today I'm writing for not one, but two publishing companies.

Most days I'm so overwhelmed with keeping my head above water on the creative and business end, I forget how much I've accomplished and where I am. Seeing my picture and information on the HQN Author site reminded me... Oh, yeah. Gee. I'm living my dream.

"The harder you work, the luckier you get." ~~McAlexander


Wonderful, Beth. You should be proud of yourself. Go on, just for a minute *gg*.

When we get on the plane for RT I'm gonna wiggle and shout that I'm sitting next to a Harlequin author. You'll be signing books all the way to Houston. Heeheeheehee.
Jennifer Elbaum said…
I think your accomplishments deserve more than just a "Gee".

How 'bout a "Hell yeah!"


"I totally rock!"

Julia Templeton said…
How wonderful to see your smiling face at the HQN site. You've come a long way, Beth!
SO proud of you.
Julie :)
Charli said…
You ARE living your dream, Beth, and I'm delighted to see your success!
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Ann, I can't wait sit next to you on the plane trip to RT! We're going to have so much fun. But if you wiggle and shout, then I'll have to wiggle and shout about sitting next to an EC author and then they'll just throw us off that that kid who wouldn'tsetle down. :) We should just invest in those huge sunglasses that Katie Holmes and Angelina Jolie wear. Then people will think we're famous. Maybe. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
"I totally rock!" Hey, that did feel good, Jen. :) Thanks.

Thanks, Julie. And you've traveled eons as well. To think we've known each other from the beginning!

Charli, you're living the dream to! Ain't it grand? :)
Anna Lucia said…
Yes, you really are living your dream. :-D

I'm in awe, Beth - go you!

*waving to Ann*

*points at Ann* I once shared a room with her at Nationals. That is my true claim to fame... gggggg

Ah, I love those memories. :-D
ElsieHogarth said…
Beth, you rock! Your HOT! Placed the HQN in my favorites to check up on it. WooHoo!!!
and then they'll just throw us off that that kid who wouldn't settle down. :)

I can see it now. Two bad-ass romance writers makin' the Strange But True headlines. Maybe we'll get on YouTube.

Hey Anna! NY Nationals was THE BEST! You were such a great roomie you spoiled me for any other. People, if you want the best roomie possible, choose a genteel country Englishwoman. She'll leave the light on for ya!
Taylor said…
Wow, Beth, wow! I'm impressed! I especially enjoyed the bio they wrote for you. What a great write-up! You should be very proud - you're a star!

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