No, you're not seeing things. Or rather, not not seeing things. Yesterday there was an excerpt posted here for ALL ABOUT EVIE. So if you think you saw it. You did. If you're wondering where it is, I deleted it. I learned late in the day that I need to fill out a form for Harlequin's legal department before I can post an excerpt anywhere. Oops. So... as soon as I fill out the proper paperwork, I'll post the excerpt to my website and make an announcement here for anyone who didn't get a chance to read it during its short unapproved appearance.

It's just funny because yesterday Anna (whose comment got deleted along with the excerpt) mentioned that she noticed a lot of 'me' in Evie. I confess some of the things that happen to her happened to me, some happened to my friends, and other incidents (and qualities) are figments of my batty imagination. But yesterday's snafu made me think of the story I'm writing now (book 2 in the Evie series). Evie has this scene where she talks about, well... I'll just post it below.

You know those people who constantly break rules and never get caught? I’m not one of them.

Escaping that pub after pulling that short con had to be a fluke. The one time I played hooky in high school . . . busted. The one time I ignored the no-right-turn-on-red sign . . . busted. So naturally the one time I attempted to have sex in a museum’s broom closet had to end badly. Naturally, the door creaked open.


I'm telling you right now, in real life, my life, I only did two out of the four things that Evie mentions above. I'm just saying. I'm one of those people who always gets caught. Although in the 'excerpt' incident I wasn't aware I was doing anything wrong. Swear. Oh, and the above is not an excerpt. It's a WIP. *g*


ElsieHogarth said…
Hi Beth! I'm glad I got to read the blog, yesterday, but since I was on my way out I didn't leave a comment like: NEED MORE, WANT MORE. I also thought there was A LOT of YOU in the excerpt.

I have a question: As a writer, I know that you write about people, places and things that are surrounding you but do you ever get so involved in what you are writing that you realize that you have gotten too personal with someone's life? Do you just take a little here and a little there when developing your characters?
Mary Stella said…
Ahem, B... are you going to confess which two of the four things you tried? You know that most of us are rooting for the sex-in-the-broom closet as one of them. *wicked grin*
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Elsie! So glad you got to read the excerpt and so THRILLED you want MORE! :)

As to your question (good one btw)... speaking for myself only, the real-life person I draw most from is myself. Other people in my life have inspired characters, but as I write, the character always takes on a life of his/her own. So no, I've never betrayed anything too personal about someone I know. As for bits of me that bleed into my stories, mostly they are just 'bits'-- habits or qualities or beliefs. Those characters (and mainly we're talking my heroines) also always take on a life of their own. Evie is an extension of me, born of my experiences and certain attitudes, however at least half, okay maybe a third, of her is pure fiction.

Clear as mud? :)
Beth Ciotta said…
I'm thinking I should leave it up to speculation, Mary. Makes me more interesting. LOL

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