Here in Brigantine, NJ it is currently 21 degrees, although with wind chill and whatnot, the Weather Channel reports it feels like 4 degrees.

I've been sitting at my desk all morning cold nose to the grindstone, working frantically on the deadline book. I'm bundled in sweats, slippers and two blankets and still I'm chilled to the bone. Yes, the heat is on, but this is a big house with old windows.

In a couple of hours I'll have to shower and ready for work. I'll have to go outside where it's FOUR degrees to travel to the library. Brrrr. Well, at least we don't have twelve inches of snow like a lot of northern states. Counting my blesssings on that score, but man, it's COLD.

So... what's it like in your neck of the woods today?


Tori Lennox said…
At 9:00 this morning here it was 22 degrees with a wind chill of 11, so it's not much warmer than your neck of the woods. I'm so ready for winter to be over. I'm starting to think that crazy groundhog LIED to us. *g*
Jennifer Elbaum said…
It's cold enough that I'm wearing my "inside" hat. It's a hat that I'm only allowed to wear inside because I look so ridiulous in it (a man actually chuckled at me the last time I stepped out the door while wearing it) but I don't care because it helps my body to retain heat. Maybe you should try an inside hat of your own Beth!
Beth Ciotta said…
Sounds like we're n the same boat, Tori. Bundle up!!

Jen, I love it. An INSIDE hat. What a great idea. So, I have to know. What's so ridiculous about yours? Does it have a tassle bal? Floppy ears? What? Hey, I have a hat with a lobster on it. Can you beat that? *g*
Beth Ciotta said…
Sorry for all the typos, folks. My fingers are frozen. (Yeah. That's it.)
Mary Stella said…
I live in the Florida Keys where it is not 22 degrees or snowing.

I refuse to tell you the actual air temperature. Don't want you to throw snowballs at me! *g*
Jewell said…
Oh heavens,

It's so darn burr here you don't really want to step outside.

PLUS, we've had tons of crystal type snow in the last three days. With crystal snow and high winds...that equals almost unnavigable roads and driveways. And if you do drive, you have to watch for drifts made from the wind across the open fields.

Charli said…
Raining, 25 mph gusts, but not really cold. Just wet and gusty. I'll take it over cold!
Beth Ciotta said…
Mary... we'll try not to hate you. ;) Although you do have to deal with hurricane weather. Bleh.

Jewell, be careful driving!!!! Better yet, stay snuggled inside.

Charli, stay dry and grounded. :)
Barb said…
very, very cold. @ weeks ago the wind chill was -30 degrees. All schools were closed. It was brutal. It is still very cold and very windy. I think that we have made it all the up to -10 degrees windchill. Heat wave!
Taylor said…
To be honest with you Beth, around my area it's FREEZING! The Brigantine you're talking about sounds like sunny Florida compared to my house! Yikes!
Brooks said…
We're in a leaking drafty house too.
It's 18 degrees Farenheit right now.

An electric space heater and closing the door to the occupied room works wonders!
Roni said…
Hey Beth, it was 14 degrees here this morning with a wind chill of about zero! You may think I'm nuts but i'll take this weather over 95 degrees and humid any day! I figure I can always bundle up, but it's hard to cool down.
BTW we replaced windows a few years ago and it did make a difference in our heating bills, but with this wind we still sometimes get drafts.
Did you finish the book?
Beth Ciotta said…
Okay, Barb. That's BRUTAL. I feel like a real weenie now. I'll just pull on another sweater and consider myself lucky!

As you can see, Taylor we have it easy compared to Barb (who's in Wisconsin.)

Brooks, aaaaaah, space heater, aaaaah, I wish. I have a candle burning just now. Smells good, but does didly for heat.
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Roni! I'm not one for hot humid weather either, but I also don't like freezing cold. Sunny 60s is my idea of perfect. Re: the book... I'm still at it. :)
Jennifer Elbaum said…
I can't beat your lobster hat Beth.

Mine is a knit cap covered with six colors of VERY bright stripes with a pointy top. (yes, read dunce cap)
Gabriele C. said…
I would love 21 degrees. Minus 21°Celsius, that is. Just for a change; our winter is way too warm this year, and there's no snow either, only rain and wind and more rain....

*considers emigrating to Greenland*
Beth Ciotta said…
Hee-hee. Dunce cap. With stripes no less. Love it, Jen, :)

Greenland, Gabriel? Are you nuts? Although I have seen pictures and it looks quite beautiful but it's so COLD!!

Beth (whose still cold nose to the grindstone--read:laptop)
Anna Lucia said…
Chilly and grey, but nowhere near as cold as that! My desk's beside a draughty old (like, over 200 years old) window - the panes have slipped and the sashes rattle, and my mouse hand, nearest the window, freezes!

I recommend the little wheat-filled bags you can stick in the microwave to heat up. I either put one on my lap, and drop my hands onto it when I'm thinking, or if I'm doing a lot of mouse work, I'll pile it up like a barricade between my hand and the window. The warming glow is delicious... ;-)

I experimented with fingerless gloves, but then I just had cold hands inside gloves... ggg

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