Agent, Editors, and The Big Apple--Oh, my! (Part 3)

Now that I’ve reached part three of my Big Apple tale, I realize I can’t reveal all that much because nothing was settled and I’m superstitious. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share specifics very soon. (I think I heard a few people just groan. Sorry for the tease.)

I can tell you that the lunch meeting went fabulously well. As I said yesterday Keyren and Tara were a joy. Funny, down-to-earth, and very appreciative and supportive of ALL ABOUT EVIE. It would seem that everyone at HQN has read it and they’re all behind the series in a big way. I felt flattered and excited and, quite honestly, in shock.

Stepping outside myself, I’m amazed at the depth of my insecurity. I channeled Sally Field sporadically throughout the meal, they like me! Me, in this instance, being my work. Gads. I can’t say that I obsessively worry over whether my publisher likes a story after I turn it in, but it is a just-beneath-the-skin concern. Mostly, I think I shove down the angst and hope for the best. Optimism, creative visualization and all that. Plus, the day after I’ve turned in one project, I’m already immersed in the next. No downtime. No time to dwell on paralyzing ‘what ifs’ like what if they hate it?

Where was I? Oh, yes. They like me! So, yes, they were interested in hearing about my ideas for future stories. Remember when I said I stink at pitches? It’s true. I had three. They looked great on paper and I thought about memorizing them, but when I recited them that way aloud, they sounded stiff. Better to relay them naturally, except I have trouble articulating a tale that is so clearly in my head. Ask me what my story’s about and you’ll get a ramble. Thank goodness Amy (my super duper agent) was there. She inserted key things about the stories that I failed to mention. “Oh, yeah,” I’d say. Duh. Earth to Beth.

The good news is, regardless of my clumsy pitching (something I really need to work on), I did catch their interest. Here’s where my superstitions come into play. I’m afraid to tell you specifics for fear of jinxing myself so…. Stay tuned. I know. I know. *groan*

I’m inspired to explore several themes such as artistic insecurity, the perfect pitch, the benefits of being yourself (well, unless you’re naturally a jerk), but I am on deadline folks and the day is ticking away. Of course, as thrilled as I am to know how much HQN likes ALL ABOUT EVIE, I feel pressured (self-induced) to produce something equally magical with book two (aka the WIP). Instead of buckling under that pressure, I’m channeling it as motivation. I may be insecure, but my passion is stronger than my fear.


Taylor said…
If for the benefit to not jinx yourself Beth, I won't hate on you for teasing us some more. When you said your passion is stronger than your fear, I felt uplifted. Only the most talented can put feelings together so poetically.
Brooks said…
" passion is stronger than my fear."

That's the key to all success stories. You remind me of The Little Engine That Could, because you're on track girl.
Roni said…
Beth, I enjoyed your three-part story! I imagined you arriving in NY looking like Ann Marie in That Girl LOL! (I just happened to get the DVD set of the first year so it's on my mind). You are such a wonderful storyteller, I bet you will have GREAT news for us on your blog soon. I can't wait.
Anna Lucia said…
*groan* ggg

My passion is stronger than my fear, too, Beth. Thanks for reminding me.
Charli said…
Well, I'll be on the edge of my seat waiting for good news!
Beth Ciotta said…
Appreciate everyone's support and enthusiasm. Thanks so much! I'll probably be laying a loittle low this week. Alot going on including major deadline crunch. Talk soon!

:) Beth
Marjorie Jones said…
Can I be you when I grow up? *smiling* I feel like I'm living your dream/my dream right there with you. And I can say, "I knew her when..."


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