Writing Wisdom -- Not Mine

You don't want to know what my house looks like just now. Really you don't.

Professionally speaking, the 'to do' list grows only I'm not currently taking the time to physically list what must be done. Which means I'm leaving it to memory, which means things will fall through the cracks, although I usually find them, which means I'll eventually tackle them. There's a odd comfort in the latter part of that run-on sentence.

Just now, day job and sporadic blog post aside, every waking (and on some nights--sleeping) moment is being dedicated to the sequel to ALL ABOUT EVIE, working title BEING EVIE, due in, um, 17 days.

The good news is I'm in the zone. The process is interesting just now. Wish I had time to discuss it. *g* Instead take a gander at these stellar writing tips provided by thriller author, Marcus Sakey. Although he calls it 'Celestial Navigation'. I like that. I also like a lot of the tips and the way he words them. Such as:

*Write about who gets hurt most. But make sure that everybody has skin in the game.
Yup. I like that a lot.


Tori Lennox said…
Hey, sweetie, your link to the writing tips doesn't work. It's got one too many "http"s in it. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Oops!! Thanks for the catch, Tori. I fixed it. :-)
Charli said…
Some good stuff, there. Thanks for the link!
Jordan Summers said…
Love the advice. :) Thank you for the link! You can do it. :D

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