Top Three Incidents

Here are the top three incidents (all occurring over the last week) proving that I have contracted deadline fever.

#3 -- Driving to the work, only a five minute drive from home and a route I traverse four days a week, I missed my turn and didn't even realize it until I was a good six blocks past.

#2 -- I schlepped downstairs to make a pot coffee, dragged back up to boot up my computer and re-read the previous day's chapter, schlepped back down to fill my mug--only I'd neglected to add water! I'm lucky the glass pot didn't shatter due to the intense dry heat.

And #1 -- I showered, going through my bathing rituals on automatic as I brainstormed a scene. It took me a second to realize I was washing my hair a second time, only this time with face scrub.

All because I'm distracted from real life, immersed in fiction, determined to meet my deadline. It's a good thing, provided I don't blow something up. I'm still behind, but making progress, and best of all--inspired.


Lara Adrian said…
LOL! Hopefully your face scrub isn't that kind with the ground up apricot pits . . . :-/

Good luck with the deadline, Beth!
Beth Ciotta said…
It IS the kind with the ground up apricot pits!! How funny. :) Thanks for the support, Lara!
Anonymous said…
These are classic... and, so, YOU!

Oh-hang in there! I know you can make it through this. Without blowing something up. Just be careful when you are driving next time. ;-)
Tori Lennox said…
LOL! I've heard of people scrubbing their head before, but somehow I doubt that's what they had in mind. *g*
Anonymous said…
Lol, as long as you don't buy presents for your characters, I think you're fine. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
You guys make me smile. You're the best. Thanks for checking in even though the blogging has been sporadic. Speaking of... no post today. Work and then writing, and hopefully no mishaps. Heh. :)

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