Things That Make My Head Hurt - Part 2

Celebrities who don't think they're setting a bad 'self-image' example by maintaining a rail-thin figure.

I don't mean to pick on Ms. Knightly--there are dozens of other female celebs who spring to mind--but she's the one who made the news yesterday, stating she's taking a tabloid to court over anorexic allegations. I don't know if she has an eating disorder or not, but I do believe a lot of women are influenced by what celebs perceive as stylish or beautiful. Personally, I find the super-skinny trend disturbing. I'm not crazy about how mainstream plastic surgery and botox parties have become either. Whether they want to believe or not, they are sending a message and it's not a healthy one.

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched ... but are felt in the heart." ~~ Helen Keller


Barb said…
Don't forget, they say the camera adds quite a few pounds as well. She probably looks like a pencil in person.
FeyRhi said…
Speaking as a woman I don't understand how she is seen as attractive. She has no curves! Someone stick a donut in her mouth quick! I showed that picture to hubby and the first thing out of his mouth was "Is that a guy all done up?" Hubster likes curves. i always remind myself that Marilyn Monroe is considered one of the sexiest women ever and she was a size 12+, if memory serves
Beth Ciotta said…
She looks like a pencil in this pic, Barb. In person, she must look like a needle!

FeyRhi, our husbands are of like mind. Mine likes curves too (lucky for me) *g* As for the delightly Miss Monroe--sexy with a capital S!

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