One of Those Days

I thought Cheyenne was over the chewing phase. Well, except for her own toys. So it was a bit of a shocker to come downstairs and find that she'd gotten in to today's mail. Do you think the IRS will believe me when I claim, "The dog ate my 1099?"

This is a sign of how my day has been going, by the way. Cheyenne promises me that tomorrow will be better. I'll be more productive and she'll be less destructive. I dunno. Would you trust this face?


Barb said…
I'm so jealous. I really want a dog but can't get my other 1/2 to agree. I'll keep working on it. Bad news about the 1099. Like it isn't stressful enough to deal with taxes. Way to go Cheyenne.
Beth Ciotta said…
You're going to love Cheyenne when you meet her, Barb. She's sweet and funny. But why couldn't she have chewed up the circuler from the drug store?? *sigh*

As for the other 1/2, you'll have to get the kiddles to work on him too. Uh... is he gonna hate it when Cheyenne licks him in he face? *g*
Mary Stella said…
Well, the good news is that whoever issued you the 1099 has a copy and can send yuo another one.

Bad, Cheyenne. Mommy doesn't need stress right now!
Beth Ciotta said…
It was Iggy, M. And yes, he said he'd send a new one. Cheyenne's still wearing that, "What did I do?" look. Clueless, I tell you. :)
Cynthia said…
Wouldn't trust that puppy face for anything. Yeah, I remember how well my dog used to pull the innocent face on me - every time I'd catch him half way into the trash can he knocked over.
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi, Cynthia! That's why our trash cans are in closets. ;)
Tori Lennox said…
She's cute as can be, but no, I don't think I'd trust her. *g*
Constance said…
Beth, I have two Corgis and I swear they conspire on how to handle me when I shout, "Who did this?!?" They love to glance at each other then give me puzzled looks. "I have NO idea what you're talking about" expressions on their face, as they stand on top of a shredded box.

They've also tried to pin things on the cat. Cheyenne has lots to learn. *g*
Anna Lucia said…
Oh, I'd definitely trust that face... ggg
Taylor said…
To be quite honest Beth, Cheyenne does show a hint of villainy in that photo. Ironic that my dog did a bit of destruction yesterday too! Me, being the nice master I am, bought Buddy a new chew toy. It was a yellow dog thing made out of that light-weight, thin fabric thats fashionable in many scarves today. Anyway, Buddy doesn't like toys that squeak. Or maybe he does. The point is, Buddy's game is to make his toys STOP squeaking. Usually, using his cunning skill (read: sarcasm) he manages to make a toy internally damaged without tearing them open. It's quite interesting to see him destroy the squeaker from the inside. But this time around, Buddy must not have been able to cunningly defeat the toy, so instead, he sliced the poor chewie's guts all over the floor. Since stuffed toys don't bleed, what happened in my house last night was a "fluffbath". The poor thing was deflated as all its insides (read: fluff) was spilled all over the floor. And lo and behold among the damage: the almighty squeaker. Ironically, the squeaker was untouched, un-chewed, un-digested. Just left alone. Maybe Buddy shows the tiniest hint of sympathy for his foes when he slaughters them. That, or he's just dumb.
Beth Ciotta said…
Smart, Tori. Smart. ;)

Got a title of a story for you, Constance. Corgis in Collusion. *g*

Anna, Cheyenne would have you for supper. Well, not really. But your mail would be in trouble.

Taylor... HA! Loved that story. Loved it! Buddy, you crafty dog, you.
P.S. Did you watch Temple of Doom yet? (Taylor, not Buddy)

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