Lucky Me... Mostly

To those of you who check in daily, apologies for being away so long. Blogging wasn't in the cards these past few days. I attempted two brief posts on Friday, but they both sounded whiney, so I deleted them. So juggling the day job and meeting writing deadlines is especially tough just now. So, what? I'm lucky to have a day job I like. Lucky to be under contract with two publishing companies. Lucky to have a husband who, instead of asking when I was going to attack the scary multitudes of dust bunnies and leaning tower of laundry, conquered those chores himself.

Lucky, lucky, lucky.

Well, except that while updating my page at MySpace this morning and checking out the page of someone who wanted to be my friend (Yes, I screen. God forbid I befriend some radical hate group), I contracted a virus. Well, not me, but my laptop. Luckily, my virus scan caught and deleted it but grrrr. Okay. Letting that go.

I'm leaving you now to get more bean juice and to attack the source of my anxiety, a pesky thing that goes by the initials WIP. I'm not sure when I'll be back, but I promise you it won't be to whine. *g*

"Whine to some of your pals--or your family if you need it. Then stop feeling sorry for yourself and sit down and do the job. Wear your pajamas and think about the poor bastards on the interstate sitting in traffic." ~~Nora Roberts (Writers on Writing, August 2006 Romance Writers Report)


Tori Lennox said…
Love that Nora Roberts quote!

*hugs* regarding the virus. That sucks. People who come up with those need to be horeswhipped.
Olga said…
Great quote! And great attitude! I hope, though, that some day you'll have more free time and a little less hectic schedule!
barb said…
I really don't get the virus thing. It's not like they can see you frustration. Wierd.
Mary Stella said…
Whine to me anytime, B. That's part of my job description as friend and critique partner. Then get back into the Elvis pajamas and get back to writing. You can do it!
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi all! Glad you enjoyed the quote. I have that Nora interview on my desk as it is full of great advice.

Barb, I don't get virus thing either. It's just obnoxious. And sometimes evil.

Mary, my whine is bottled for now--heh! But, be warned, I'm 12 pages behind my per day goal, meaning today, I'd have to write 17 pages to catch up. In other words, some 'whine' may be coming your way. If you were here, I'd provide the chees too. :)

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