Crazy You

Yesterday, I listed 5 Crazy Things About Me. I'm in for another day long writing marathon so I'm desperate for the occasional distraction. Here's how you can help. List at 1 Crazy Thing About You. (2 if you're feeling ambitious) I won't tell anyone. Honest. *g*


FeyRhi said…
I hate boring socks. Especially solid colours like white/black.
I love 'em loud!
Lavender with lime green flowers and pink elephants, Grey and white stripes with bright pink pigs, or stripey primary colours.
*G* My girls picked out a whole bunch of wacky ones for me at christmas. They're the best.
Thankfully I have a boss with a sense of humour. She came to work with leopard socks on the other day, so I told her how proud I was of her. She laughed and said that was as wild as she would go.
Beth Ciotta said…
FeyRhi, that's hilarious. Love it! Your sock drawer must be a hoot! I bet your daughters supplied you with some doozies. How fun! Gee. I feel so boring now. Must. Buy. New. Socks.
Anna Lucia said…
We always leave a toilet seat up so that if something happens to us or the cats' water bowl, they'll have a source of drinking water.
Beth Ciotta said…
That's not crazy, Anna, that's thoughtful! Never thought of that one. Hmmm.
Anonymous said…
I posted the meme on my blog. And I blame you since you tagged Scott and he tagged me. :)
I sleep with my closet door open because of a Stephen King story I read as a teen about the boogeyman. Have to make sure he's not hiding in there. *blinks*
Beth Ciotta said…
Gabriele, caught your list at you blog. Great stuff. :)

Mechele, so funny. I have leftover childhood fears of bogeymen too, but that's why I have to sleep with the closet door SHUT. So they can't get out. LOL
Anonymous said…
I do pet voices. My cat and dog have whole "conversations." :D
Beth Ciotta said…
I'm likin' that a lot, Alex! :)

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