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My social life these days is pretty much limited to what little visiting I do via emails and blogs. Getting me to break away from my writing for lunch or a movie is a rarity. However, there are some events that, if all humanly possible, I cannot miss. Like the annual holiday get together with the performers that I worked with at Tropicana Casino for a seven year stretch. (Some of them worked together for even longer) We were all part of a full-time strolling program and it was one of the most memorable times of my life. Here I forged lifelife friendships with some amazing people. This was more than, hmm, twelve year ago? Many, like me, have moved on to other professions (entertainment manager, PR manager, yoga instructor, school ciricullum specialists, to name a few), but we are all artistic maniacs at heart. No one gets us like we get each other. Even though most of us only see each other once a year, it's like we were never apart. Some things, gratefully, never change. My entire body aches from a night long marathon of belly laughs. Pictured here is just a few of the gang--jugglers, magicians, stilt walkers, clowns, dancers, musicians, actresses. Click pic to enlarge. There were some hilarious moments--one including my husband--that need to remain private. And thank goodness no one had a tape recorder. But man, hilarious! I love you all!!


In other news... I have been tagged! Thanks to Lara I will now reveal to you 5 Crazy Things About Me whether you wanted to know them or not. If not 'crazy' then at least quirky. Yeah. That would be me.

#1 -- When I was young (6-9 yrs old), whenever visiting a female cousin (same age), I used to talk with a British accent and we'd fool her friends into thinking I was her cousin from England. I have no idea why we did this. And I marvel that I even knew how to speak with a British accent. Must've watched Mary Poppins one too many times.

#2 -- Another quirky kid moment. I used to look a lot like a young Sally Field and I very much identified with her cheery, perky self. A fan of her TV show, 'The Flying Nun', I used to believe heart and soul that if I had one of those 'hats', I, too, could take a running leap of of our roof top and fly. Probably good I never found one of those hats.

#3 --I once performed as a back up singer for Joe Frazier. Yes, the boxer. Yes, he could sing. Sort of. We (the three backup singers) were called 'The Knock-Outs'.

#4--I shot myself in the finger. Senior year in high school. I was the back stage manager for a production of 'Annie Get Your Gun'. I mishandled a prop gun and it went off, backstage, in the middle of a live performance. Upclose, trust me, blanks hurt. But I suppressed my cry of pain. We were, after all, 'on' and I was, even then, a professional. Although I'm sure the audience wondered about the phantom BANG! *g*

#5--I threw up in a London tube station. On my honeymoon, no less. Food poisoning. Sick as a dog. But it was my first time in London and I was determined not to miss a day of sightseeing. Steve and I squeezed into a crowded tube (subway) car and I made it one stop before I broke out into that sweat. We got off, the train whizzed away, but I couldn't even make it to a trash can. I spewed, projectile-style, on the tracks--hot pink Pepto Bismal. Steve still laughs about it to this day. Heh. I live to amuse.

I'll leave with that visual that I'm sure you could have lived without and tag Mary Stella, Anna Lucia, and Scott Oden. And now back to my writing...


Tori Lennox said…
Love your "5 Crazy Things" list! Especially #1. *g*
Anna Lucia said…
I did it! I did it! I gave mine a nifty tree-theme... *polishes nails*

Although I'm jealous - I grew up just outside London, but *I've* never thrown up in a tube station, dammit!

Brooks said…
Right back atcha girl! ...and you just gave us (Trop Friends) five more reasons to love ya.
Beth Ciotta said…
Tori, not sure what made me remember that. How silly, right?

Anna, I just read your five Crazy things. As they say in your part of the world, "Brilliant!" As for you being jealous of my Pepto moment,it was one of the more mortifying experiences... but unique. ;)
Beth Ciotta said…
*waving to my friend, Brooks-the-magician* I had the best time!! (((hugs)))
Lara Adrian said…
LOL, Beth! You take crazy to a new level. And I'll bet you have a slew of further examples, too, doncha? (Makes mental note to tag Beth again soon....)
Roni said…
Could the English-speaking cousin idea come from the Patty Duke show? You know, where she had an identical cousin from England? I used to love that show, and played it with my cousin (who looked nothing like me).
Beth Ciotta said…
You know, Lara, I had to really think amd tug hard, but once I opened the sticky memory door all sorts of wacky things flew out. Yes, the there are more. Shudder to think whate they could be.

Hey, Roni, you could be right. Forgot all about that show (see above, spotty memory) but, now that you mention it, I did used to watch that show. I bet you're right! Thanks for clearing up that bizarro behavior.

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