Blogger Update

Loyal blog readers,

I had to switch over to 'new' blogger. I've been dodging their notices for weeks. This morning I couldn't dodge. So I switched. And thus, those who try to comment may have to sign in differently. I don't know how this new sucker works. Apologies if you have to go to any extra effort. Please don't abandon me. ;)

That concludes the commercial message. Below is the actual program.


Andrew said…
I made the switch recently too, and so far I'm happy with the new deal. Certainly uploading photos is much more reliable. I hope it works out well for you!

Andrew (To Love, Honor, and Dismay)
Tori Lennox said…
Looks like the switchover worked okay to me. :)
Anna Lucia said…
*whine* I don't have to switch, do I?

Then again, if photos are easier... lead me to it!

Another thing to add to the To Do List...
Roni Denholtz said…
I don't know how you have the time to write, do other work, and still maintain your blog Beth! Someday you'll have to give me your secret ;)
Seriously, how is the work going on the next book (a contemporary I think? And then you have another western, right?) And what's happening with the new paranormal trilogy you were proposing?
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Andrew! Thanks for chiming in. Always nice to meet someone new. Regarding the new blogger, I'm ... adjusting. I admit it, where tech things are concerned, I fear change.

Anna, is that where you're coming from too? Fear of change? Or is it more the time hassle?

Roni, it's called having no social life. Heh. ;) Regarding my work, I'm neck deep in the second Evie book for HQN due... soon. Then after that I write my next western. As for the paranormal proposal, that needs revising and is on hold until I turn in this book. Thanks for asking. Hope all is well!!

Tori, glad you didn't have a hassle commenting. Woo-hoo!
Mary Stella said…
I didn't have to do anything different, B. Looks like you did everything right!

Andrew, I got a kick out of To Love, Honor, and Dismay!
Gabriele C. said…
*sigh of relief*

I get tired of the old blogs on my blogroll not being accessible half of the time, so I'm glad for every 'switcher'.
Beth Ciotta said…
Mary and Gabriele, glad my switching didn't cause you any snafus. Have a great weekend, laides!
Cynthia said…
I was resisting the change over too for a while but I finally just gave in and switched. So far so good for me too. Now I just have to start posting more to my poor little blog.
Bethany said…
I made the seith too... and it looks like it works okay for me and you! ;-)

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