Tired, but Happy

Last week was mostly spent gearing up for my first storytime hour as Penelope Pageturner. The preparation time was killer. Even though I was able to research and review stories while working at the library (this storytime is a library sponsored event), I ended up preparing the bulk of the fifty snowman crafts and goody bag giveaways at home. That's right 50! The event took place at a popular department store on a busy shopping day. My boss told me it usually goes like this: You prepare for 10 kids, you get 40. You prepare for 40, you get 10.

I prepared for 50. The winter wonderland area they had beautifully prepared for storytime (and other special holiday events) was a tad off the beaten track and at first I had NO kids. ACK! So the PR director of the store (a good friend of mine from our character actress days) took action. She grabbed a plate of cookies, I, dressed in full Renn costume, grabbed a book and we went out on the floor. Let me tell you, we know how to bark a show! I ended up with 20 kids ranging from age 2-7. I dazzled them (*g*) with three winter stories, an interactive song, and the snowman craft. It was GREAT fun! I took a picture of the kids making they're snowmen--so cute--but I'm leery of posting pics of little ones, especially without the parents' permision. Just imagine a group of cute, happy kids and me with a big satisfied grin. Message delivered: Reading is fun! Libraries are cool!

Leaving the department store, I got an emergency phone call. The actor who was supposed to emcee the first six hours of the casino sweepstakes that day (I was scheduled for the night time shift) didn't show. Could I come right in? So I raced over to the casino still wearing Penelope makeup (false eyelashes, hair extension, glitter on my face) to sit in a freezing cold backroom, calling winners' names and make annoucements every ten minutes... for eleven hours. The good news aside from the extra pay) was that my husband brought me my laptop. Since I work that gig behind the scenes, I was able to work on THE STORY. For eleven hours. Saturday was a long day, but a good day.

Sunday I was exhausted, mentally and physically, so I treated myself to a day with three of my closest girlfriends from my entertainment world. An IMAX viewing of 'Happy Feet', dinner and holiday window shopping. It was an awesome day and I cherish it as it was probably my one holiday outing. This month I'm overwhelmed with work obligations and THE STORY. But it's all good. I may be tired.... but I'm happy.

What's the last difficult project that you tackled that left you feeling really good?


Anna Lucia said…
Oh! Oh! Oh! I had a day like this on Saturday!

I started by going for a two-hour hike in the rain and hailstorms, then got home and shovelled mud off the road and the verge in front of our house. Unless we clear the edge of the verge once or twice a year, the grass overgrows the road and sucks water onto the verge.

I was tired, muddy, stiff and sore by the time I was done.

Now the water's running freely down the gutter, and I had an immense sense of achievement for the day!

The reading project sounds wonderful, Beth. Kudos to you for your work getting kids to love stories.
Beth Ciotta said…
Gads. You really did have a tough day, Anna! Gives new meaning to the word: mud-slinger. ;) Congrats on clearing the verge. And what is a 'verge' anyway? :)

Thanks for the kind words re: the reading project. I've got two more this month!
ElsieHogarth said…
Beth, look so adorable. Congratulations on the success. I just love the costume. Very Medieval. Was there a Scottish Laird some where around the room?

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