Switching Process Midstream

"As I've often said, if this is formula fiction, I sure wish somebody would sip me the formula."

A quote from author Ed Gorman. Amen, Ed.

His December 2 post titled, Livia and James, addresses the writing process. I read thinking, huh, my process is sort of like Gorman's. No wait, it's kind of like McBain's. No, it used to be like McBain's, and, gee, wasn't that a fun and semi-speedy adventure.

That's when I realized that my current process (which seems to differ slightly with each book) stinks. I'm thinking too hard. In the past, some of my most inspired work came from out of the blue. Spontaneity was my best friend and I've kicked him to the curb. Well, dang. Nothing like ignoring one of your strengths.

Special thanks to Mr. Gorman who just lit a fire under my butt. When I open my WIP today, I'm going to try something new. Or should I say old?

I'll leave you as I greeted you, with another quote from the featured Ed Gorman post...

"Some books look much easier to write than others. This is when I'm at the theoretical stage, still doing research. But I've always remembered what Fellini said about movies, "Every picture is a war."


Anonymous said…
Second quote is DEAD on.
Beth Ciotta said…
Ain't it the truth, Bethany? :)
Anonymous said…
Beth, I'm still alive! Sorry for not showing my face lately...You looked awesome as Penelope Pageturner!!!...You gotta be super busy with the deadlines and the Holidays...I feel your pain:) Bruno
Beth Ciotta said…
Bruno, your vibrant personality has been missed! Here, and over at your place. Must mean you've been mega swamped. Hope it's with good things. Glad you liked Penelope's get-up. She was fun, British accent and all. Cheers!
barb said…
I also love the Penelope Pageturner costume.How fun was that?

You have always been spontaneous. I hope you get back to it!
Buffy said…
I've been thinking too hard all month...and haven't progressed a word for my efforts.
Beth Ciotta said…
Barb, storytime was great fun. Wish Logan and Jax could've been there. What? You're not willing to drive across several states, braving snow storms and crazy drivers to get them to Penelope? ;)

PS. Where's your WIP? *g*
Beth Ciotta said…
Buffy, I'm so glad you chimed in because it propmted me to visit your blog which I adored. The post on Zadie Smith, you, and writing--rocked. ;) Now go forth and be fearless.
Anonymous said…


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