A Show Is Born

The ever-entertaining Ken Levine is in NYC freezing his LA butt off. Before leaving for the east coast he enlisted a guest blogger and boy what a treat! Multiple Emmy Award-winner Peter Casey is blogging about the creation and casting of one of my all time favorite comedies, Fraiser! He talks about how he and his partners came up with the concept, the network pitch, and the casting process. Fun and fascinating. Check it out!

In yesterday's post, Mr. Casey wrote: "...like a lot of writers we went to our own lives for material." It made me think of how often I draw from real life experiences for my own writing. Hmmm. That would be ... a lot.

What about you? Have you ever drawn from your own life for material? If you've ever read one of my books, you know I dip into my entertainment experiences here and there (and sometimes everywhere). In kind, all of my heroines possess at least one quality or belief that is wholly 'me'. Do you ever fashion characters after you or someone you know? Where do you mine characters and situations?


Mary Stella said…
Ahh, Beth, you already know how I'm going to answer this question. Do I draw on any part of my own life for my books? The Keys, dolphins, land crabs -- 'nuff said. *g*

Okay, there's more to it than that, I think I infuse some of my characters with a touch of my own smart aleckness.
Anonymous said…
Um yeah. So much so people are really going to think some of the characters are me. But they aren't really.

Experiences are definitely key here. And man, do I have a bunch of them to draw on!
Anonymous said…
All my characters are by default... me. In some way, shape or form, my cast is different aspects of my personality – which is why I have a hard time writing about certain ones. They're an aspect of me I don't care for. The best ones are a composite of me, and my interpretations of what I see in other people. I think writing is by its nature, extrapolating from experiences. Some experiences get continually reexamined. Which explains why I write fantasy…

(See, Mom and Dad, my Philosophy degree IS coming in handy.)

A game I play is trying to find a quote that sums up my hero/heroine. For one, it is "Better to die on your feet than to live on your knees." –Zapata
For another,"To die for a religion is easier than to live it absolutely."- Borges
The quote gives me a thumbnail of that character's personality. It also is license to surf the Net in pursuit of... stuff.
Beth Ciotta said…
Mary, I love how you draw from your rich life and weave it into your tales. I wasn't going to say anything about the smart alec element, but, um, yeah. That's so you. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
I know what you mean, Bethany. I feel that way about Evie in ALL ABOUT EVIE. She's me, but she's not. As for drawing on your plethora of experiences *g* I think it only enhances, lending a sense of reality. Make sense?
Beth Ciotta said…
Constance, thank you for your excellent post. I very much enjoyed your take on this and I loved the idea of finding a quote that sums up your character. The quotes you mentioned were killer, btw. I'm going to give that a shot. Although I'm thinking, easier said than done.

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