A Gritty, Sexy Read

Obligations (work) have kept me from blogging for a couple of days. I'm stealing a moment to tell you that I am indeed obligated (working) thoughout the weekend. No time to breathe. Or blog.

So, I'm going to take this opportunity to brag about, rave about, praise to high heavens, urge you to buy anything written by powerhouse mystery author... Lori G. Armstrong.
Specifically, her latest release Hallowed Ground. This sexy, smart private investigative tale is a sequel to Lori's debut novel Blood Ties. A novel that garnered this quote from NY Times Bestselling author, Clive Cussler"...a fascinating tale of intrigue that will sweep you into a world of horror and suspense." A novel that was nominated for a Shamus Award for Best First Novel of 2006 by The Private Eye Writers of America. Um, okay. So you might want to buy BOTH of these books. *g*

I've met Lori several times, we've danced the night away at RT Convention parties. She's funny and charming and amazingly talented. A star on the rise. It saddens me that due to snaffu, Hallowed Ground did not make it into the hands of many reviewers. Therefore you may not hear about it. A few of her friends (like me!) are shouting out and asking you seek out this teriffic read. Author Mary Stella is showing support by running a contest. She's giving away five copies of Hallowed Ground. Go here to learn how to win!
Or you can order a copy at any of the ususal on-line haunts like Amazon and BN.com

Curious about Lori and her books? Visit her website!

Until Monday... Happy Reading!


barb said…
I just ordered both of these books from Amazon.com. Mary Stella recommended them a few weeks ago. I can't wait to start reading them. Good luck working this weekend.
Thanks for the plug Beth! You rock :) Don't work too hard this weekend...
Olga said…
Actually, I already heard about these books, and I'll definitely stop by Mary Stella's blog. Beth, I hope you'll still have a nice week-end in spite of having to work.
Julia Templeton said…
I've met Lori...and danced with her as well. HALLOWED GROUND sounds incredible. Gave me goosebumps reading the blurb. I'll have to pick it up next time I'm haunting a bookstore...or perhaps I'll wait and have Lori sign it at RT.
Gotta love that conference just for all the girl time we get ;).
Speaking of...miss you like crazy, my friend.
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi all (Hi, Lori!)... thanks for supporting Lori and her amzing work. You're in or a great read! :)

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