A Post About Nothing

You know you're in trouble when, even after scanning several other blogs and the day's top news stories, you spend a good ten minutes staring at a blank blog post, not a thought in your head.

You know you're in deeper trouble when you finally eek out an opening sentence, hoping that if you just start typing the thoughts will come, and none do. Except for this one. A follow up to the initial realization and admission: I have nothing to say.

I'm thinking it's because...

A) I'm still in holiday mode. I did the unusual yesterday. I gave myself the day off. I watched two Doris Day movies back-to-back. Enjoyed a homecooked meal with Steve. Then later we watched 'Cars'. Which we thought would be fun, light fare. (I enjoyed Doris more.) So maybe all that relaxation, which I am not used to, carried over to this morning and my brain's tripping on remnants of turkey, pumpkin pie, and Doris Day.


B) After glancing at the calendar, I realized how much I have to accomplish in the next two months. Galleys on one book, revisions on another, and the completion of a third. Oh, and the revision of a book proposal. In December alone I have three Penelope Pageturner (storytelling) appearances and five emcee gigs on top of my normal library hours. Then there are the other assorted 'must do-s' on the 'to do' list. Perhaps my brain shutdown because it's shaking in its skull.

The good news is, I go through this all the time. Well, that's not good news, but it's something I understand. That paralyzing feeling of having too much to do in too little time. Cross-eyed, heart-racing, spinning in circles, wondering "Where do I start?" and "How will I get it all done?"

The answer: Just dig in and do it.

Just do it.

Have another cup of coffee and just... Do it.

It's a plan anyway. Ten minutes ago I didn't have a thought. Now I have a plan. And a blog post about nothing. *g*

Have nothing to say? Feel free to ramble here.


Mary Stella said…
Don't forget to mark Dec. 23rd on your calendar for a movie date and gabfest with ME! Can't wait to see you, B.
Tori Lennox said…
I never have much to say. But it never stops me from rambling every single day. :) i thought you did just fine!
Beth Ciotta said…
It's marked, M. I can't wait!

From one rambler to another... thanks, Tori! :)
Anonymous said…
Have some expresso and then you'll just 'do it', with the added bonus of vague thoughts that you enjoyed doing it. Double expresso and you do it with a song on your lips that's incoherent to everyone else because you're singing too fast and too loud but hey small price to pay for living in fast forward.
*takes a breath*

Brought to you as a public service by Over-Caffeinated Writers Anonymous... OCWA!
Beth Ciotta said…
Ha! That was great, Constance. :) You spoke to the java lover in me. Living in Fast Forward. Great title for a song... or a story. ;)
Anonymous said…
Lol, I don't run out of ideas, only many of them take hours of research and time to write, and thus I don't do them too often.

But I got the next installment on Germanicus' Campaigns up. :)
Alex A. said…
The really really important question here is: which two Doris movies?

I desperately wanted to be Doris Day when I was a little girl. And I especially loved On Moonlight Bay, By the Light of the Silvery Moon, and Calamity Jane. One of the first two had a HILARIOUS scene with a turkey that still makes me laugh when I think about it.
Beth Ciotta said…
Actually, Gabriele, I guess that's more the thing. Lack of time, not ideas. Meaning, there are endless topics to blog about, but many would require research (time). Sometimes I do research for blog posts, but mostly I like to blog off of the top of my head. Otherwise it's too much like work. And I've got enough of that already. LOL This is where I come to relax and socialize. :)

Will be hopping over to read your new installment!
Beth Ciotta said…
Cheers, Alex. :) Another Doris fan. Yippee! Well, it was AMC and I guess they were having a DD marathon. I came in on the tail end of Please Don't Eat the Daisys. The two that I got to fully enjoy were LOVER COME BACK TO ME (where she starred with Rock Hudson. Rival advertising execs. An old fave of mine.) and THE THRILL OF IT ALL (co-starring James Garner. Where Doris gets hired as the Happy Soap spokesperson. Also fun!)

You know, I thought I'd seen all of her films, but you mentioned two that are unfamiliar to me. It's possible I saw them as a little girl and just forgot. Thanks for the recommendations. I'll be looking those up. Must see the TURKEY scene! :)
ElsieHogarth said…
I just love Doris Day. I'm going to pull my favorites: Pillow Talk(Rock Hudson) and That Touch of Mink(Cary Grant).

I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday.
Anonymous said…
You mean I am not the only one that finds myself stumped when writing blog posts? :-)

Dig in girl... I am in a similar situation myself (no bites on my current book being shopped around, so am trying to dig in full force to book too), and that is the ONLY way to get moving.

And remember--once you get started, it gets a bit easier. right?

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