Monday Musings

I survived my my first official workout on the exercise bike. Barely. I was determined to cycle for five-minutes. I puffed and groaned. I had visions of the after-life. But I pedaled on. As soon as the timer hit 5:00, I de-biked. My tingly legs buckled. I collapsed onto the floor where I panted and sweated... and groaned. Cheyenne (dog #2) kept licking my face. I think she was trying to revive me. It didn't help. Steve kindly mentioned that you're supposed to do a 'cool-down' session, not just STOP. I tried not to snap his head off. I know that. But I was dying. After a few minutes, my heart finally settled in my chest. I lived only to almost die another day. After I post this, I'll attempt day #2 of my official workout. Cheyenne's eyeing me with worry.

Today is editor Abby Zidle's last day at HQN. I'm trying not to cry. She acquired me for HQN. She saw the potential in ALL ABOUT EVIE and became my champion in the house. I was extremely lucky to have such a bright and witty advocate. I'll miss her enthusiasm and humor. Not to mention her editing skills. I'm sorry that she won't be with me to celebrate the release of ALL ABOUT EVIE, but at least we made it through revisions and line edits together. Abby is moving to Pocket, another NYC publishing house. I wish her joy in her new job. Whatever writers she's assigned or acquires for Pocket are very lucky indeed.

Today, I have an appointment with a photographer. I haven't had professional headshots done in several years. I figured it's time. HQN is requesting photos for their website and, I assume, to be included in ALL ABOUT EVIE. I also need to send an updated photo to Medallion Press. Although I love the shot they're using, that was a good four hair colors and five hairstyles ago (and it's only two years old). I'll be honest, I'm not looking forward to today. I wish I'd started cycling about two months ago. Doesn't the camera add ten pounds? Like I need that. Weight issues aside, I've never been comfortable posing for pictures. I don't know how models do it, honest I don't.

Yesterday, I broke through a block in my WIP. Same old problem. I'd written myself into the wrong place. I spent the day making some changes and last night wrote three NEW pages. Glory be! I'll be digging in again... after I torture myself on that exercise bike.

What's happening on your Monday?


Tori Lennox said…
Models manage it because they're way too skinny to begin with. :)
Mary Stella said…
Beth, I applaud your new exercise program, but, sweetie, it's okay to work up to the greater amounts of time. Five minutes full tilt is a lot right off of the bat. Why not shoot for a minute or two of warm up, then gradually increase speed for two minutes and end with one minute of gradual cool down?

Before you know it, you'll handle five minutes without any problem and then five will increase to ten, to fifteen, to twenty.

That said, I personally hate stationary bikes and I'm not all that fond of treadmills, although I used to have a monster big treadmill. I get bored.

I still love working out at Curves more than anything. I've also begun to eye recumbent bikes for outside. I can sort of see myself peddling around town doing errands on a weekend, or going for a quick ride after work in the evening.
Beth Ciotta said…
Tori, I agree, your average pro model IS too skinny. I just read the other day that one died because of her 'skinny' lifestyle. 5'10" and weighed something like 87 lbs. Can you imagine? Trust me I don't want to look like an anorexic stick. I just want to shed a few unneeded pounds. But mostly, honestly, I just want to be in better shape.
Beth Ciotta said…
Mary, (and all) I survived another five-minute session. Although today I attacked it more like you descibed. And that's before I read your advice! I started off a little slower, worked up my pace, then slowed when I had a minute to go. I so wanted to give in at the 4 minute mark. But I'm stubborn. I pushed on to 5. The good news is, I did not collapse today. Though tingly, my legs held my weight. I did some stretches, and although I still panted and sweat, I didn't feel as awful as yesterday. Cheyenne winked at me.

As far as getting bored, yesterday I listened to music on my MP3 player. Today I watched a little TV. Too be honest, at this point I'm concentrating so hard on my goal that boredom doesn't enter into for me.

M, I applaud your dedication to CURVES. I know you've been going for awhile. I know a lot of people swear by it. I did visit the one near me, but knew right away I wouldn't enjoy it. The ladies working out also chatted. Which I think is great. But not for me. Years ago I tried a gym for awhile, but it seemed people always wanted to talk to me. I just can't socialize while exercising.

I guess it all boils down to what works for YOU. I'm hoping this dang bike is it for me. All I know is that I'm feeling it in my arms and legs. Yippee.

Oh, and Mary, I can so see you tooling around the island on your bike. :) Wheeeee!
Tori Lennox said…
I've been bemoaning my weight gain for ages, but I was watching a retrospective on the Soap Network over the weekend about the 25th anniversary of the marriage of Luke & Laura on General Hospital (which was the week before last). Anyway, Genie Francis has put on quite a few pounds herself, so now I don't feel so bad. *g*
Anonymous said…
Working out!?!?! You go girl...

And the whole headshot thing. I am SCARED TO DEATH to get them. I know I am not published yet, but I promised myself I would get them done. Some sort of good karma, think ahead sort of thing--but yet. Here I am. 6 months or so later, and still no appointment. Ugh.

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