Clara Bow. The original 'It' Girl. Elinor Glyn, the writer who pioneered mass market erotic fiction in the 1920s, described 'It' as — "... that strange magnetism which attracts both sexes... entirely unself-conscious... full of self-confidence... indifferent to the effect..."

Translation for many: Sex appeal.

Yesterday in my rave review of Casino Royale, I mentioned that I thought Daniel Craig had 'It'. Reading Glyn's definition and judging by male and female reaction to the man and his performance, I'm sticking by my call. It has little to do with classic beauty and everything to do with charisma. Daniel Craig has 'It'.

Of course the specifics of 'It' (If you can be specific because really it's undefinable) can be different for different people. Personally, I'd add intelligence and a sense of humor into the mix. What about you? How would you define 'sex appeal'? Who has 'It'?


Mary Stella said…
Humor is definitely a strong component of "it". I also think that the most appealing "It" people don't strut around acting like they're all "It". That's even more appealing. "It" also shows up in a person's eyes, don't you think?
Cynthia said…
Strength, intelligence, and a dark sense of humor definite make "it" for me.

Actors who have "it" for me? Lately it's been Jason Statham and Josh Lucas. Oh and then there is always Henry Rollins who I just can't seem to avoid or properly explain.
Tori Lennox said…
Ah, Clara Bow! Maybe I should have her make a guest appearance in my 1920s murder mystery instead of Charlie Chaplin... Or, heck, I could have them both!
Beth Ciotta said…
I agree, Mary. Much of it is 'in the eyes'. Hence why I think actor Rufus Sewell is another one with 'It'. Did you ever see Dangerous Beauty? The way he looked at Veronica. Or in Tristan and Isolde--the way he looked at Isolde. Such affection and longing. Ahhhh.
Beth Ciotta said…
Jason Statham. Dark and dangerous. :) I keep meaning to see one of his Transporter movies. You're right, Cynthia. Something about him.

Tori, now there you go! Clara and Charlie. Interesting and fun mix. :)
Jordan Summers said…
I agree, Beth on all your points. I think Angelina Jolie has 'It'. She draws men and women like Daniel Craig. I also think Clive Owens has 'It'. I'm probably biased with the latter though. *g*
Barb said…
Self confident but not cocky. Josh Duhamel, Brad Paisley, Dolly Parton.
Daniel Craig - definitely IT material!

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